Saints Row 4 video shows 'Dubstep Gun'

Deep Silver has today released another new video for Saints Row 4, in which the US president shows off his Dubstep Gun, along with some of the other weapons he has at his disposal.

Does this game look crazy good? You bet.

Saints Row 4 launches August 23 worldwide on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. You can pre-order below.

Edited On 09 May, 2013

I guess the vid hasn't finished uploading yet? i got 30 seconds in and it crashed. Still, 30 seconds is enough for me to say "Grand Theft what now?" to Shep :)
troublemaker 12 months ago
I really looking forward to this game :) Video
Artemisthemp 12 months ago
It should be ok now :D
Joe Anderson (Editor) 12 months ago
Cheers Joe, sorted. Looks awesome. Takes the dumb fun of SR3 and added some of the powers from infamous. Love it. Roll on August
troublemaker 12 months ago
It's looking fairly promising to be honest. The video is looks good even with the guys dreary voice trying it's hardest to make it boring.
Shoxy85 12 months ago
This game looks crazy, Those guns look amazing, especially the Inflatable one. Can't wait for this.
LFC Bywater 12 months ago
GTA V screen shots make this game look shit :P
Shep _1 12 months ago
Yeah, but I've seen gameplay for this. the only theft in Grand Theft Auto 5 is that of the gameplay footage.
troublemaker 12 months ago
i might preorder this just for the dubstep gun alone..
Joe Toots 11 months ago
Saints row 3 is good. I only hope if this does have online co-op (I'm sure it will) That it runs smoother and does not freeze so much :(
GamingBrad 11 months ago
PS4, PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U
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