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Manhunt coming to PSN

Rockstar titles has today announced that its 10 year old action title, Manhunt, will be released on the PS Store as a PS2 Classic next week.

Manhunt will be available from PSN for 9.99 US Dollars/ 9.99 Euros / 7.99 GBP and joins Bully and Red Dead Revolver, as well as all PlayStation 2 entries in the Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club franchises. It will also soon be joined by The Warriors, another classic from the catalogue for Rockstar.


Edited On 10 May, 2013

Will definantely be getting Warriors. Loved that game.
DynamiteWhyte 1 year ago
Warriors was amazing in all fairness, film is a classic! wasnt manhunt tried to be banned cause a kid killed his mate after playing it, what a weak minded bell end! i love GTA i dont jack taxi's!
0000000000 1 year ago
It was in the victims house, yet the game somehow got blamed for his murder, so they tried to ban this and ban Manhunt 2. They succeeded for a time on Manhunt 2, but it got released in the end.
DynamiteWhyte 1 year ago
Manhunt 2 got banned because it was deemed to violent I think they had to take it away and change a lot of it so it could pass the ratings board.
Bindiana 1 year ago
£8? yeah, no thanks. What a joke price. £2.50 is about as much as this game is worth
HappyNoodleBoy 1 year ago
They should ban fifa because everytime I play it I want to be a professional footballer and I could kill someone if I kicked a ball at their head.
Shoxy85 1 year ago
TROPHIES support please? Otherwise I will not support this game to buy again from PS2 in PS3's PSN. No thanks. Please Rockstar Games release new Manhunt 3 game for next generation consoles or bring Manhunt for HD collection and support trophies and achievements. :)
Jacob 1 year ago
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox One Xbox 360 PS4 PS3 PC
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