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No FIFA 14 Ignite Engine for PC owners

As mentioned last night, new EA Sports games, including FIFA 14 on PS4 and the Xbox One will use the Ignite Engine, however there is bad news for PC gamers. The engine is not supported in FIFA 14.

"Clarification for the PC related questions earlier," wrote FIFA community manager Rob Hodson on Twitter. "EA Sports Ignite will power FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4, not PC."

There has been no explanation as to why the new engine does not support PC.

What do you think of this news?

Edited On 22 May, 2013

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ZdravkoN's avatar
ZdravkoN 4 years ago
They think that Ignite will make the PC users buy the next-gen consoles. You know, that old story that the PC is not powerful enough to handle console games (we DID have bad PC versions of FIFA in the past that were not on par with console versions). It is business. The fact is that the PC is more powerful than the next-gen consoles even now.

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