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Hello Games working on new IP

Joe Danger studio Hello Games has confirmed it is working on a brand new IP, although it's being slightly cagey as to what format it'll be on.

“If we had some amazing idea for Joe Danger 3 we might do that, but we’ve started on a new IP in the studio and we’ve gone back to a few of us working on that. That's a next-gen game, but whether it’s next-gen console or next-gen PC I don’t know," Sean Murray told RPS.

In related news, both Joe Danger and Joe Danger: The Movie today launched on Steam, so if for some reason you've not played yet then you can now.

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Edited On 24 May, 2013

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Akemi no Zero's avatar
Akemi no Zero 4 years ago
I hope its nothing to do with mining cos we have had our fair share of arcade games like minecraft & terria we don't need much more. I only say this cos I would like to see something new in arcade games in future. Something like skullgirls that was an fun fighter & was well made sadly underrated tho.

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