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SimCity Amusement Park DLC out now

EA Maxis has released the Amusement Park DLC for SimCity, allowing you to customise a fun park and generate cash at the same time.

From videos we've seen the Amusement Park can get pretty big, which makes us wonder how you'll even manage to fit it in your city. Perhaps the idea is to start a new smaller city and link it up with your main one?

Anyway, you can pick the DLC up for 7.99 GBP in the UK, so if you fancy some Theme Park building then go for it.

You can read more about the DLC here.

Edited On 29 May, 2013

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troublemaker's avatar
troublemaker 4 years ago
I'm desperate to play this bloody game, but it's just so damned expensive. I'm looking for a game that'll keep me going for a while. But the price, it's extortionate for a PC game.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 4 years ago
lets hope the dlc dosent lock many users out on the first day :L

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