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DC Universe and Planetside 2 coming to PS4

SOE has confirmed that both DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 will be released on PS4 as free-to-play titles later this year.

Looking on the official E3 website also seems to point to Everquest Next as coming to PS4, since it's listed as a game SCEA will be showing. That's three decent exclusive titles for PS4 right there. 

Quite a few MMO titles confirmed for PS4 with Warframe and War Thunder also confirmed for the system.

Edited On 05 Jun, 2013

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troublemaker's avatar
troublemaker 4 years ago
DCUO? Really? I didn't expect that one. Nice going Sony.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
im glad that sony is already focusing on more free to play titles as it is a very successful business model on pc with stuff like league of legends. i hope that planetside 2 will be good as i've seen gamplay but never played it as my pc can't run it. dcuo is rubbish for me though as it is hard to get into and the tutorial is dreadful about from teaching you how to do attack moves and that.
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
I always wanted to try DCUO, so figure this'll give me an excuse to play it.
HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
HappyNoodleBoy 4 years ago
PS2 was inevitable, but DCUO is a shock. Hopefully the game has a complete overhaul for the PS4. I played it for a few months on the PS3 late last year and it is rather awful.
Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 4 years ago
The only thing making me more happy than seen DCUO on PS4 would be FFXIV on PS4. I just hope that I, can use my character from PS3 on PS4 version

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