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Ubisoft announce next-gen racer The Crew

Ubisoft has announced that they're working on a next-gen racer, entitled The Crew. 

The Crew kicked off Ubisoft's next-gen line-up at their E3 conference and was revealed by a fancy CGI trailer, that showed plenty of high speed action, crashed and cop chases. 

The title will allow players to race through an open world environment 'bigger than video game worlds have ever been' as they aim to take over a criminal organisation one US city a time. The world will feature tarmac, dirt, deserts and busy cities. 

The entire game is based around online, multiplayer functionalities. Whilst singleplayer is an option, players are encouraged to set up a 'crew' of racers with friends and battle others in every race and challenge in the game. 

The title also has a focus on deep car customization and tuning, making it possible for players to tweak their car to be exactly the way they want it to be. This will help members of an individual crew to play to their strengths when completing co-op missions.

The game will allow you to customize your cars and interact with other features using a second screen in the form of a tablet app.

You can watch the game's reveal trailer below. 

Edited On 10 Jun, 2013

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