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Ubisoft reveal next Tom Clancy game, MMO-RPG The Division at E3 conference

Ubisoft has revealed Tom Clancy's The Division at their E3 conference. 

The titled, which is developed, by Massive Games, is set three weeks after a deadly pandemic is unleashed on New York City by a terrorist. According to the trailer, it sets out to answer the question 'What will it take to save what remains?'. 

The game will be an online, open-world RPG and we must say it looks pretty incredible. A gameplay demo was shown, to end Ubisoft's press conference. You can watch the game's reveal trailer, as well as a gameplay demo below. 

Edited On 11 Jun, 2013

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STEPHEN 4 years ago
This just looks so good and for me a day one purchase, have to say Ubisoft have had a great conference and very much looking forward to there games coming out.
xMeaLoR's avatar
xMeaLoR 4 years ago
For me this was the best looking game alongside Watch Dogs, so glad we are getting games like this over the same old COD style games... I was impressed with Ubisofts conference, this and Watch Dogs definite must buy for me just on which system!? Hopefully Sony will convince me as i have never been an Xbox fan!

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