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E3 2013: Disney Infinity Preview

Riding Bullseye through the land of Finding Nemo, The Lone Ranger pulls out his Goo Gun and takes aim at the Good Morning America set, firing, and watching as it doubles in size. No, this isn’t some weird Disney fever dream, but rather, the typical experience within Disney Infinity’s toy box mode.

What is Disney Infinity? It’s their answer to Activision’s Skylanders franchise and not only does it answer, but it fights back. Infinity collects all of your favorite characters from Disney films and TV to bring them together for one big in-game party.

Using RFID technology, each Disney character is turned into a physical character that, when placed on the character base, transports them inside your game, allowing you to run around as your favorite character in their own little world. There’s not just figures either, but Toy Sets that come with entire worlds and story lines for your characters to play through.

In order to keep some form of canon, you can only play through each Toy Set with the characters that were intended for it, but it works better that way anyway, because Toy Box mode is where the game really shines.

We went hands-on with Infinity’s flagship mode and went crazy as our deranged Disney fan began to surface upon realizing that it could do anything it wanted without any recourse whatsoever. 

Pulling up a menu that houses all the in-game placable items brings with it the realization that Toy Box mode isn’t messing around. You can place nearly any object in Disney history inside your toy box and interact with it. There’s no limits and you can mix your Disney franchises to your heart’s content.

One of my favorite interactive pieces that you can place in your toy box is the Matterhorn from Disneyland. You don’t ride it as a ride, but rather, grind down it on your Incredible’s hoverboard. It’s a really unique way of addressing the fact that this giant piece of land is a ride in real life and should be treated as one in game.

Disney Infinity Toy Box comes completely with the ability to program logic right into objects. You can place a stadium with a button near the entrance. Tie the ‘button stepped on’ command to a set of fireworks located near by so that when you walk into the stadium and step on the button, the fireworks go off. It doesn’t stop with one logic point though, tie another one that plays the ESPN music (since they’re an ABC property, it’s actually in there), and you have a full entrance that would make even the biggest of WWE wrestlers feel at home.

The best part of creating these wonderfully unique worlds is playing them with your friends. You’ll be able to play two-player splitscreen and four-player online to turn your toy box into a collaborative creative experience. You can also share your levels, but in a more limited, curated way.

Once you finish the level that you want to upload, Disney will review the level and make sure that it’s clean (read: not filled with inappropriate shapes) before uploading it to the servers. It’s a way of making sure that Disney Infinity is a family experience no matter what platform you’re on.

Even if you aren’t a Disney fan, it’s hard to deny just how infectious Infinity’s premise is. For the fifteen or so minutes that I played Disney Infinity during E3, I felt as though I had found shelter from the harshest of storms. It’s cute, smart, and doesn’t play down for its users, instead opting to teach them through the use of logic and creative design; and that’s always the right move.

Disney Infinity will release on August 18 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Words by Alex Rubens.

Edited On 18 Jun, 2013

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DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
Wish I was young again to get my parents to buy me this. Disney is the perfect use for one of these games.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 4 years ago
may have a sneaky purchase ;)

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