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Fez 2 won't come to Xbox platforms

Fez 2 will not be released on Microsoft platforms after developer Phil Fish announced he won't be bringing it to Xbox One or Xbox 360.

In an interview with Polygon, Fish said that by continuing refusal to allow indie developers to self-publish on Xbox Live, Microsoft won't be seeing his game.

When asked what platforms the game would be available on via Twitter, he replied, "not Xbox." 

Do you think Microsoft will continue to run into this problem considering its stance on not allowing self-publishing on Xbox LIVE?

Edited On 21 Jun, 2013

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Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 4 years ago
No surprise there
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 4 years ago
Seems a lot of Indies coming out and moaning about Microsofts decision about no self publishing
troublemaker's avatar
troublemaker 4 years ago
This is going to be an issue that MS see for years. But the stories that have been floating about for years about how they treat their indie guys have shown their contempt for the guys behind these games. You know what, it's fine. PS and PC will get them, and I'll happily pay for indie games!
Johno Muller's avatar
Johno Muller 4 years ago
MS only want their 'indie' games to be Minecraft.
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 4 years ago
Where would we be without Indie games (I don't count Minecraft anymore, cos if you have more money than all of the indie guys combined, you not indie)
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
Hopefully see it on Wii U or 3DS then, as I enjoyed the first one, even if the guy is a massive douche.
Johno Muller's avatar
Johno Muller 4 years ago
I have friends who got Minecraft when it was a free beta on PC, I bought it for £8, I know most people bought it when it was £16. At least it is only about £15 on xbox.
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 4 years ago
With his mouth a few month back is laugh if he went crawling to nintendo
shiny miller's avatar
shiny miller 4 years ago
I'm sure MS don't care too much - they never really made a real effort with indies.
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 4 years ago
Considering how big Fez was on XBLA, that's got to be a another piece of embarassing PR for MS in a week where they already have plenty to go around. A lot of indie devs have been speaking out about them and their treatment of indies of late, and still they refuse to do anything to make it easier to get independently produced games on their marketplace... as well as leaving ridiculous rules in place for indies to jump through before they will even be considered. When even Nintendo is more plugged in to what is needed from modern digital marketplaces that you are, you'd think it'd be a wake up call.
Anonymous user's avatar
Tom 4 years ago
Never even heard of Fez 1 to be honest!
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Same never played it, so not a massive loss for me personally.
Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 4 years ago
I am really not suprised after they burn them hard on Fez

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