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Nordic Games acquires Desperados and Silver from Atari

Nordic Games announced today that it has signed and closed an asset purchase agreement with Atari SAS recently regarding two of Atari’s intellectual properties, Desperados and Silver.

Desperados are stealth-based real-time tactics computer games, developed by Spellbound and released in 2001 and 2006, while Silver is an Action RPG for Microsoft Windows, Dreamcast and Macintosh OS originally released in 1999.

The acquisition itself is handled by Nordic Games Licensing AB, based in Karlstad, Sweden, whereas the day-to-day business - sales and distribution of said titles, evaluation of sequels & new content etc. - will be conducted by Nordic Games, based in Vienna, Austria.

Have you heard of these titles? Are you excited about future versions?

Edited On 24 Jun, 2013

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stormy2k's avatar
stormy2k 4 years ago
Desperados was an amazing game. I loved the Commandos series on the PC and once I saw a similar game set in the wild west, Desperados, I went and brought it. That was back when it was running off a PC with 64MB of RAM. Those were the days. #Memorylane.

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