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Hotline Miami hits PSN this week

Hotline Miami, the award winning, top down indie action game from Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital is out tomorrow on the PlayStation Network for £7.29.

Hotline Miami for PS3 and PS Vita includes trophies and leaderboards for each level, ranking friends and players worldwide based on score, with a note on which mask was used to achieve it. Exclusive to PS3 and PS Vita, the new Russell Mask gives the game a whole new flavor as it changes the visuals to black and white with only the red from the blood and the neon from the UI coloring the screen. The PlayStation Vita version also features touch lock-on aiming; players can tap the screen to lock-on to a target as they stalk enemies from room to room.

We'll have a review for your very soon.

Edited On 25 Jun, 2013

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