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Company of Heroes 2 Review

Though SEGA have been more than a little off on their console games as of late, their PC presence is more akin to the SEGA of old that we all love and remember so fondly, producing some fantastic titles, one of which was the recently raised from the ashes of THQ, Company of Heroes 2.

Company of Heroes 2 is one of those games that only really work on the PC, a real time strategy game that, surprise surprise is set during World War 2. Though the idea is well worn, the setting has had a refreshing change of scenery, moving away from the usual coasts of Europe and this time delving deep into the Motherland, allowing us to partake in the horrific battles that took place through Russia, from Hitler’s German Army rolling into Stalingrad through to the Reds push back into Berlin.

Just like pretty much every other RTS, you are granted an aerial view of the battlefield, fog of war hiding some nasty surprises for you if you venture too far from your line of sight. Control of your units is relatively straight forward with pointing and clicking where you want your units to go, with the game supporting a quick reference cover system, flashing green or red to show if your men are in any sort of danger. With basic fire commands, most units also have a few other tricks up their sleeves, utilizing smoke grenades and heavy machine guns and even picking up flame throwers and grouping up to manoeuvre a heavy gun emplacement.

With a huge range of troops from Grenadiers and snipers to mortar groups and of course other units like plenty of tanks, the most original unit of the game are the conscripts; we all know from history just how bad the conditions were for those unfortunate men, with many charging against the Nazi forces with no weapons, told to pick up whatever the man in front drops from their dead hands, either acting as cannon fodder with a very slim chance of survival or shot by your commander for desertion. Company of Heroes 2 tries to add the futility of these moments but at the same time adds an almost “guaranteed winning system” at the same time by introducing the conscripts, acting as an eternal supply of troops, lacking in any real skills but are able to be quickly deployed every few minutes to hold the line whilst you organise your more important troops.

Though you do get to use a huge variety of units in the solo campaign they are drip fed and add to that the story itself is a little limp, with the cut scenes looking sub-par and not really having any connection to the action taking place other than from the diary a commander of the Soviet Red Army, the solo campaign is more like a tutorial for the main event. As ever with the RTS genre, the real fun is had online. Sporting huge multiplayer maps, this is one of the better online warfare games. It does have a slight bit of micromanagement, but that is just so you do not go and build hundreds of the best units and steamroll the opposition. Here each segment of a team selects their country to fight and then their engineers are released onto the map, using a small amount of resources to build the initial structures, bringing in barracks and emplacements. As you move through the battlefield there are well placed hotspots that offer vital resources like ammo, fuel and more men and it’s through the capturing and protecting of these areas that the heavy fights take place, with plenty of chances to use tactical skills in moving and placing your units for the best possible outcome.

However even with the best military mind, the environment can also throw a spanner in the works, with maps evolving as you play, buildings collapsing and getting in the way of line of sight and even the ferocious cold that Russia offers whiting out the battlefield, lowering the field of view and also dropping the temperature so much that unprepared units will be effected, slowing down and even dying.

If you enjoy the structure of campaign mode but also want to join with other players, the new addition, Theatre of War is a great addition, pitching scenarios at you like simple battles to full on attack and defend situations, allowing you to go either solo or as a team.

Company of Heroes 2 has loads to offer, with subtle ranking system and plenty of units to discover and master, this will entertain for a long time.

Words by Ash Buchanan.
(Version Tested: PC)


+ Multiplayer and the Theatre of War will have you hooked for some time.
+ Great detailed graphics.
+ Environments change during the battle.


- Solo campaign is a bit weak.

Edited On 11 Jul, 2013

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troublemaker's avatar
troublemaker 4 years ago
Cool review. I've read alot of mixed reviews for this. I'll probably not bother. I still have the first and all it's expansions to get through first!
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 4 years ago
Enjoyed the part i played of the first but not really into online on the PC (not many friends on it) so i would have just got it for the single player. Maybe get it when it is down in price.

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