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God of War: Ascension gets 1vs1 'Bout of Honour' thanks to new patch

Sony Santa Monica aren't finished God of War: Ascension, in fact a new title update has just been released which adds a new multiplayer mode – the versus duel Bout of Honour.

The PlayStation Blog describes Bout of Honour as a 1 v 1 mode which excludes chests, fountains, world weapons and relics. Magic does regenerates very slowly over time, other than that though it's a game of skill.

To compliment the new mode, four new maps in the shape of Canyons of Kirra, Chamber of the Flame, Landing at Delos and Streets of Sparta are also added. A new four player map - The Whirlpool of Alecto has also been added into the mix.

Finally, the patch also addresses a whole host of tweaks to fix minor issues with gameplay and bugs.

Edited On 12 Jul, 2013

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DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
I can't see this working really, mainly due to my biggest strengh on GOW online was suprising people and bullying them into a corner lol. I'd probably get mopped up 1 v 1.

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