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Sony's Video Unlimited changes DRM policies

Sony has made some 'sure to be popular' changes to its Video Unlimited digital rights management policy on PlayStation devices, meaning you can now watch your videos on more than one enabled device.

Before the change, users were unable to re-download purchased content from the Video Unlimited service.

"Movie rentals are available for viewing up to 30 days after purchase and can be viewed multiple times within 24 hours on the same device," says the Video Unlimited website.

"If you purchase a copy, the video or TV show download will be available infinitely and can be transferred to other enabled devices."

We are pretty happy with this news. How about you?

Edited On 16 Jul, 2013

( 2 )
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 3 years ago
Never used it lol. I just stick to the music video one really and the iplayer/4od etc. It's good for those who do though.
A2GMAN's avatar
A2GMAN 3 years ago
to be honest this is a good idea. but this has bean happening for around afew wks as the download history is in a little bit of a mess as if were on plus it has those dowmloads on there...(but u cannot redownload them...lol.) and also the downloads for movies u bought are all there.

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