Thursday Chat, August 1

It's August already which means the start of a wallet busting four months in the build up Christmas. Not only do we have new games, but also new consoles and of course countless DLC, the latter of which is the focus of today's topic.

Just what do you think of DLC? Whether it's multiplayer, single player or other add-on content. What for you makes DLC worth the price or is it worth the price at all? It wasn't that long ago we didn't have DLC and now we probably couldn't imagine a world without it. So what do you think?

Let's Chat!

Edited On 01 Aug, 2013

Don't bother with most DLC, too much of it is way overpriced, especially when it comes to multiplayer stuff. DLC for a popular multiplayer game will sell loads at any price, just because the community will buy it for fear of not getting a game because they don't have the right map. They could sell it cheaper, but they choose to gouge the players instead. On the rare occasions I do buy DLC it's usually single player stuff, I'm happy to pay a reasonable amount for some extra story to a game I enjoyed.
Gloria 9 months ago
I havent really purchased much DLC really. I purchased the all Gears 2 DLC then purchased a season Pass for Gears 3 but had stopped playing it by the time the third had come out so was a waste of money. The only other DLC I have purchased is for Azuras Wrath which was a bit of a con as the DLC contained the really ending but purchased it cause I had a blast with the game. DLC does a lot of the time feel like stuff they have taken out of the game to sell to you later which doesnt sit right with me.
Bindiana 9 months ago
Never taken to DLC. Try not to buy any as I think most of the time it's a rip off. As a PC gamer it feels like paying for community mods. If its a great game it wont need the DLC to enjoy it.
csrogue 9 months ago
I welcome dlc with open arms especially for online multiplayer.
Joe Toots 9 months ago
I rarely bother with DLC as it often seems to be multiplayer which I don't bother with. Also my backlog of games is so large that once I've completed a game I move onto the next one. That and I tend to do loads of side quests so once I'm done with a game I'm kind of ready to move on to something else. The only exceptions are Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Loved those games so much I was itching to play more (in fact I've had almost 5 years of play out of F3 and still play it every now and then when I've got a few hours alone in the house; to my shame my Fallout NV GOTY edition is still in its shrink wrap despite buying it a looong time ago).
Samka 9 months ago
another quiet day here good sale on psn atm
Joe Toots 9 months ago
Indeed. Thankfully it now no longer is a 'fraud' site. Must be back supporting old IE.
DynamiteWhyte 9 months ago
Depends on the DLC to be honest some companies do it really well like the expansions for GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption (still disappointed Max Payne didn't get single player stuff), the Elder Scrolls and Fallout were both also good as well as the Borderlands stuff. When it comes to mp maps if i really enjoy the game i dont mind though the pricing is a tad stupid for some games. Costumes and stuff i never really buy i just don't see the point unless they are well priced. Think it was with Dynasty Warriors 7 they released all the DW6 costumes for 80 microsoft points which was bloody good.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
Also not seen a mention of it on this site yet but there is a possible new XCOM game/ expansion called Enemy Within that has been confirmed and will be revealed at games com.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
Think this place is dying, spambots are posting more than the members these days.
Gloria 9 months ago
Me: Too busy playing games. Brooker: Got a new baby. I don't know where everyone else is
Loli-Nox-Tan 9 months ago
The broken links on the home page for the Latest News is probably killing this place. I use them more than come to the main news section. Its been like it for about 3 days now. As for DLC they are rarely done right, but Rockstar usually do DLC right, and for Red Dead Redemption they even gave the last DLC out for free. Before DLC they released Vice City and San Andreas as new games, but if DLC was around on last gen they could have been cheaper DLC for GTA 3.
superniceguy 9 months ago
I've not had access at work since last Monday. So I've basically been fighting a lost cause here, then when I come on at night nobody is here. Now I'm back in at work I'll post again, but it seems to have just died.
DynamiteWhyte 9 months ago
Well I am still here but has been very quiet the last few weeks
Bindiana 9 months ago
Majority of DLC is a ripoff, while certain DLC like Dragonborn is great.
Artemisthemp 9 months ago
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