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Assassin's Creed has an end, says director Ashraf Ismail

Assassin's Creed 4 director Ashraf Ismail has revealed that Ubisoft already has an idea how the franchise will end.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Ismail confirmed that there "is an end" to the Assassin's Creed franchise.

It's already been revealed by Ubisoft that Assassin's Creed will released on an annual basis however Ismail said that "depending on the setting and depending on what fans want," that Ubisoft has given itself room to fit "more" stories into the arc, although he added that "there is an end."

The latest in the series, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is set for release on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U October 29 in the US, October 31 in Australia, and November 1 in the UK.

Edited On 05 Aug, 2013

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iMerle iDixon's avatar
iMerle iDixon 3 years ago
I thought that the story arcs were done, and they were just going to be stand alone now without a modern day story.
Arun1910's avatar
Arun1910 3 years ago
What on earth made you think that they were doing AC games without a modern day story?
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
People are getting bored now, they're just teasing a definitive ending to keep people hooked, but we won't see it for a few years at least.
iMerle iDixon's avatar
iMerle iDixon 3 years ago
That Abstargo entertainment, that they did with Liberation and what they doing with four (as far as I understand), where you pretty much boot up the game, the game says welcome to Abstargo entertainment and that's it. Which in my opinion is how it should be as the modern day stuff usually was the most boring bits. I want to free run and stab, not walk around a warehouse or a cave.
iMerle iDixon's avatar
iMerle iDixon 3 years ago
The problem with drawing stuff out so long if that the ending is always a major disappointment.
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 3 years ago
The modern day stuff was good though, apart from having to do stuff. If you just got cutscenes and stuff, that'd be ok, but being made to do test courses and stuff just ruined things.
Hymeleon's avatar
Hymeleon 3 years ago
This game really should be named "Pirate's Creed" with note "from creators of Assassin's Creed series" on the box. All the AC modern stuff seems like pulled in. Sea travels just look too toyish (is that a word?). If travel between 2 islands took let's say 3 days or more, it's very unlikely that someone will be laying in Animus for 3 days straight.
moro's avatar
moro 3 years ago
Of course the story arcs aren't done. There has to be a modern day story, especially after what happened at the end of assassins creed 3. We all know that there is now a new threat to deal with.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
The way it is set up there is loads of potential for other games as well in the same universe that don't have anything to do with the assassins and templars. I would personally like to see one from the Templars point of view as i did prefer Haytham's story in AC3 than Connors and it did show that not all templars are evil.
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
Or they could let us play as Templars so we can go around kicking puppy's and slapping babies
Johno Muller's avatar
Johno Muller 3 years ago
I agree with Nox, I like the idea of kicking puppies and slapping babies

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