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gamescom 2013: Virgin Media announced as Sony Playstation 4 ISP partner

Sony have announced a partnership in the UK with Virgin Media as preferred Internet Service Provider for the Playstation 4.

Here's what Virgin Media said on the matter:

"We’re delighted to say Virgin Media is Sony’s PlayStation 4 UK ISP partner for its hugely-anticipated launch which is now confirmed to be on 29 November. We’re already hard at work with them to make this the best entertainment experience for gamers across the country.

What does that mean exactly? Well, there’s going to be loads of exciting benefits for our customers but we have to keep the details under wraps for the time being. Watch this space for more details…"

Edited On 20 Aug, 2013

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MonkeySeeker's avatar
MonkeySeeker 3 years ago
Excellent. With traffic management and bandwidth throttling after using your "unlimited super fast" broadband service for just 20 minutes. Should be fun for you PS4 players.
Anonymous user's avatar
Andy 3 years ago
I can't see these benefits being anything but negligible to be honest. Non-story.

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