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Disney Infinity - A Family Review

Disney Infinity is here and my children could not be more excited. Luckily they were out when it turned up, so before letting them loose on it I had a little go myself. Soon after starting the game and working my way through the various menus, I found myself hooked on the Incredibles adventure that comes with one of characters, however it wasn’t long before I had to relinquish control of the dualshock 3 to the children who had sneaked in and immediately set about wrestling me for the controller. They haven’t put it down since.

Let’s not kid ourselves here, Disney Infinity is squarely aimed at children. The adventures, be it for Incredibles, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lone Ranger, are basic and will certianly not challenge the serious gamer, however they are all fun, accessible and easy to play, which makes them ideal for children (and in my case their father) who just want to sit, relax and have fun while playing with familiar characters.

What’s fun about the character adventures is that the tasks are fairly straight forward. In the Incredibles for instance, you’ll find yourself beating up robots, rescuing people from rooftops to capturing escaped animals and taking them back to the zoo. It may not be a ground-breaking story, far from it, but it’s exactly the sort of thing that appeals to children and it also includes familiar characters from their favorite movies which they can easily relate to. The same can be said for the other adventures too, all of which have a familiar theme which will no doubt appeal to those playing.

Stepping back a little, I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the character models which come as part of the game. Sully, Jack Sparrow and Mr Incredible are extremely well built and do feel of high quality, the same can be said for all characters in the series. If there is one down side to the starter back it’s that you have to buy another character from the same series in order to play co-op mode in each of the adventure modes, which can be an expensive day to the shops.

It’s a shame really because the campaigns are of a decent size but it’s no fun urging the children to take turns, so you’ll definitely find yourself buying more characters and with the impending arrival of a Toy Story set and more, this will game will only get more expensive the longer your children enjoy playing it.

On the bright side, thanks to the inclusion of the excellent Toy Box mode, you can at least play some co-op out of the box, allowing the children to create and build their own levels with an impressive amount of tools and in a highly accessible way. Here the kids are free to do what they want, which in my children’s case has them driving around on a makeshift road or climbing up castles with little or no incentive. The beauty is though that they are enjoying every minute of it. Children don’t need to be told what to do when it comes to games, they do what they like and in Toy Box mode they can do just that. Toy Box mode provides them with all sorts of magic wands, gadgets and switches which will literally keep them busy for ever. Put a box full of things in front of a child and they’ll keep themselves amused for a long time and that’s the premise here. They don’t need to be expert level builders to have fun.

I could easily spout on about badly designed menus, lack of story, basic graphics and more, but I know this game is not aimed at me. The proof of any game is how much fun you can have with it, not what it looks like and given that Disney Infinity is aimed at young children it does a fantastic job of appealing to them. I’ve no doubt that this is going to be the next big thing in the world of gaming - it’s going to make Disney a fortune, no matter what certain critics will no doubt say about it.

What the Kids think

So given that the kids are the one’s who’ve been playing this game, just what do they think about it?

Me - What do you think about Disney Infinity?
Travis (Age 3) - It’s good

Me - Why Travis?
Travis - Because I like it

Me - Why?
Travis I like the fighting bit (makes Mr Incredible Robot boshing action)

Me - What do you think about Disney Infinity?
Taran (Age 7) - It’s good.

Me - Why?
Taran - You can change your characters and it’s really fun because you can make your own worlds, see your levels and also play in them. It’s also fun because you can do different missions with each of the characters.

Me - Do you want more characters?
Taran - Yes, can I have a Tangled one?

Me - Would you buy it again?
Taran - We already have it, why would be buy it again? (Ok I asked for that one)

Me - Ok would you recommend it to your friends?
Taran - Yes

So there we go, you have the kids opinion, oh and I quite like it too, even if it is going to make a hole in my wallet.

(Version Tested: PS3)


+ Great fun for children
+ Familar Characters
+ Lots to do
+ Possibility for plenty of expansion
+ Simple and Accessible


- Could get expensive for parents 

Edited On 23 Aug, 2013

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Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 3 years ago
I think the main problem for this game is the character packs are way too expensive especially compared to skylanders.
yoda soldier's avatar
yoda soldier 3 years ago
I want to get this for me and my son but having to get two characters from the same film for co op is putting me off as I can see it costing hundreds.
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 3 years ago
Wasnt gonna bother but Amazon had all of the packs priced the same instead of charging ridiculous amounts for the Wii U version. Not a fan of the price of the sets. And especially not a fan of the fact it has the word Disney on yet no proper Disney title is present. Maybe it should have been called Pixar Infinity? Still, as expensive as the extra stuff is at least you are getting something, the toys double up as just that so imo is more worthwhile compared to DLC which costs £15 and gets you little else than an extra hour of content/new maps

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