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Xbox One and PS4: Everybody Wins

The gaming news from Microsoft and Sony at E3 and Gamescom have been and gone and now we have a clearer picture on both consoles. So where do we all stand?

First up is Microsoft, which certainly seems to be turning things around and that’s good for all of us. The announcement that FIFA 14 would be included with Xbox One does seem to have done the trick and with the company finally starting to get its message across in a clearer fashion, suddenly the Xbox One is actually looking like an attractive proposition.

To be fair the console was always going to be pretty great, after all it comes from the inventors of Xbox LIVE and publishers of huge franchises such as Halo, Forza and Gears of War. With it’s important links to Call of Duty, Battlefield and the Xbox 360’s loyal U.S and UK fanbase, it was always going to sell. Sure Microsoft may have upset many with its confused message, but now that impressions for games such as Titanfall, Kinect Sports, Dead Rising 3 and more are coming out, as well as the various features of the console itself, all of a sudden people are taking notice and pre-orders are on the rise.

Microsoft was never going to let Sony walk away with all of its customers, its team is far too clever and experienced to let that happen, and to be fair when it comes to marketing a product, Microsoft always seem to find a way to get its message out loud and clear, at least in the end. The Xbox One is looking strong.

On the other side of the coin, Sony is more than matching up to its competitor. Unlike Microsoft, Sony came out of the blocks fast and strong, it’s message has always been consistent. The price is, of course, a crucial factor as are the games, and with titles such as Killzone, The Order 1886, InFamous Second Son and DriveClub, Sony's message that it's planning to shower us with quality over the next year is clear. It won’t end there either, since we have still to hear from Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Studio Japan, Santa Monica and a whole lot more first party studios. The PS4 also has a whole load of special looking features which will keep gamers attention, such as video uploading, PS Vita remote play and Gaikai, not to mention the bonus of PlayStation Plus.

Adding in third party titles for both machines makes them even stronger, Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs and Black Flag are just a few of the titles which spring to mind. Then there is the downloadable titles which vary widely on both machines - in fact there are more downloadable titles coming day one to Sony's PS4 than there are retail titles.

So just how do you choose which console to buy? Do you go by what your friends are buying? Do you decide based on the games or do you wait and see? It goes without saying that the launch line up’s for both machines are quite varied, but this is just the start. Sony will have it’s own first party exclusives, as will Microsoft and both will have plenty of them. The future is looking bright for gamers and the games industry and whatever console you choose, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be disappointed. 

Edited On 23 Aug, 2013

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Dragon Punch's avatar
Dragon Punch 3 years ago
I'm buying both. Can't not have my halo fix or my Uncharted fix.
Anonymous user's avatar
Karl 3 years ago
Good write up Joe. November is going to be an expensive month as I'm getting both :)
Shippy87's avatar
Shippy87 3 years ago
I have pre-ordered and pre-paid for my PS4, staying away from XBox One as much as I can. I have strong hopes for Sony this coming gen and can not be more excited
RTLF's avatar
RTLF 3 years ago
"Sure Microsoft may have upset many with its confused message" ?? Are you kidding? MS weren't confused with the policies they tried to go ahead with and unfortunately for them neither were their potential customers hence them having to back track on a catalogue of policies. The only thing confused is that comment!
zrerz's avatar
zrerz 3 years ago
got both on pre-order (pre-paid for PS4 already) but still unsure if I will be getting the day one release PS4 (I pre-ordered/pre-paid in July 2nd) but unsure about Shopto's stock allocation of PS4's? Raising tickets gets the standard reply "you should be alright" which means nothing until I get the confirmation email confirming I am getting what I've pre-ordered/pre-paid for?
fedris the red's avatar
fedris the red 3 years ago
I'm waiting until next year - what with GTA V, UFO Enemy Within coming up and Skyrim, Borderlands 2 still holding my attention I'm not making the jump to next-gen while my 360 still has life in it. My plan is to get one of the new consoles about the time The Crew is released, though I've gone from being definitely sure about a PS4 to mostly very probably sure :-P . Doing things this way though, lets all you early adopters find out what bugs either platform has - thus aiding my decision. *evil finger steeple*
damoxuk's avatar
damoxuk 3 years ago
Ordered both but tbh most likely will cancel my Xbox One pre-order at some point as frankly I don't have the time to play all the games :D But i'm keeping it up in case I probably end up buying it because I can't resist tech. But PS4 like my PS3 will be my primary console with the MS one used for exclusives.
zrerz's avatar
zrerz 3 years ago
If I knew for 100% sure that I will be getting my PS4, then I would most likely cancel my pre-order for Xbox One, but as I said above, Shopto seem uncertain? I much prefer PlayStation to Xbox, I even bought one of the first Playstation One's (now that is going back in time, lol). Just don't want 29th November to come around, and get nothing!
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 3 years ago
Xbox Won! That is why they called it what it is! Even if they failed every time you say xbox one it is the same as Xbox Won! :P I will get PS4 eventually but for now Xbox ONE is getting all the games I like, but that does not mean the PS4 is useless overall, everyone has different tastes. The PS4 looks to be the best for MMOs, and if I did not prefer PC I would be getting PS4 for the many MMOs coming, starting with DCUO and Planetside 2. MMOs on consoles I find bleah unless they are designed for console specifically like EQOA for PS2 or PSO for DC (plus GC and Xbox). I am hoping that the Wii U will get a MMO as its controller is perfect for a MMORPG http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/37027/wii-u-could-be-first-console-to-run-a-mmorpg-without-compromise-funcom/
Falcus's avatar
Falcus 3 years ago
zrerz, you preordered long before the cut off. They base it on order of preorders so you should be fine (yes, that means you will most likely get your system day 1) You're worrying too much so stop worrying :p August 6th was cut off point for having it guaranteed day 1. You preordered a month before. It's extremely likely you will get it day 1. There really isn't much shopto can say to you other than that you should be fine (yes saying you should be fine is basically a confirmation that you are likely to get it day 1) Either way, will there be any info regarding PS4 bundles? Got my system preordered, just want to see what bundles we'll be able to get!
zrerz's avatar
zrerz 3 years ago
Thank you Falcus
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Everybody wins? Meh, neither of them has much going for them, yet.
Brain In A Jar's avatar
Brain In A Jar 3 years ago
I bought my 360 simply because it came out first. Then it red-ringed and I bought another. Then that one red-ringed and I bought another. Then that one red-ringed so I bought a PS3 and have never looked back. PS4 is my choice. Besides, I simply cannot live without whatever Naughty Dog is working on and I don't even know what it is yet xD
moro's avatar
moro 3 years ago
have both preordered since day 1. I did have a 360 for a long time before I bought my ps3. I'm not sure what I'll do this time around. it will be a very expensive month if I decide to get both on day 1. I am most looking forward to dead rising 3, so I will keep my xbox one preorder, although I'm not sure what to do about the ps4 yet. I will definitely get one sooner or later, as there will be games I want to play on it, but I might pass on a launch console. I will keep the preorder for now, until I have decided.
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 3 years ago
Everybody wins... except people who DON'T wantto have to pay for a £100+ gimmick camera controller just to get their games console of course. Xbone has proven itself a deeply unappealing product so far with bloated tech built around TV functions people outside the US can't make full use of even if they want to and an obscene price tag that is higher than any console I can recall seeing come out in the UK. It's ridiculous. The continually disappointing first party output from Microsoft is merely a cherry on top at this point. I can see literally no reason to get an Xbone at launch. As soon as I can get an SKU without Kinect for under £300 I will certainly consider it at least when Gears 4 comes out, but that's as far as I'm prepared to compromise on the matter.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jonathan 3 years ago
iv got ps4 pre-ordered have done since 21st feb but il be getting both xbox one comes after christmas for me
Ulquiorra_1's avatar
Ulquiorra_1 3 years ago
No, it's "PS4 and Xbox One - Everybody wins"
Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 3 years ago
I buy PS4, since my best friend is getting One + Sony have never let me down unlike Microsoft. Also Xbox One don't have Infamous
sgmullins's avatar
sgmullins 3 years ago
It's the ps4 all the way for me. Microsoft can't be trusted. So what if they are giving a digital version of fifa 14 with the console. It's not like you have a hard copy to put on your shelf or even sell. I never buy fifa anyway as it's to unrealistic, pes is way better in the gameplay department and that is what's key for me. Seems everyone is raving about the new pes 2014, it's looking superb this year.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
Interesting little thing showing the price differences amongst consoles at launch with a note on what they would be now due to inflation, shame it is in $ though. http://kotaku.com/the-3do-and-the-neo-geo-are-still-the-most-expensive-co-625044318
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Yeah, seen that before, it's actually quite scary how expensive some old consoles were at launch, even before they've been adjusted to todays prices, I could have sworn the original playstation was cheaper than both the N64 and Dreamcast.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
It amazes me the price the 3DO and Neo Geo were and would be now/
screaming chief's avatar
screaming chief 3 years ago
PrometheusFan, The PS3 was £425 at UK launch in 2007.
Anonymous user's avatar
James 3 years ago
I was in two minds as to which, if any, to get. But the recent addition of FIFA14 has made the Xbox One become the next addition to my console collection.
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 3 years ago
" PrometheusFan, The PS3 was £425 at UK launch in 2007. ” - Yes, I recall this. Doesn't affect my statement though, as (Shockingly) that is still less than the Xbone is going to cost at launch.
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Nothing affects your statements kevin, least of all the facts. Taking in to account inflation etc, the PS3 was clearly more expensive, as ZFs link shows for all to see.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
Also clearly the price of the console does not matter as the PS3 did well despite the 360 being considerably cheaper. It just depends on what the person buying it will get out of it if they think it is worth there while.
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 3 years ago
Using some mental gymnastics to carefully arrange the goalposts isn't "facts" Gloria. I said Xbone is launching at a higher price than the PS3 did, and it is. This is a factual statement. And Zombie, yes, the PS3 did well eventually, but don't forget that first year or two it was a disaster, with sales in the toilet more or less until the price cuts started and the slim model came out.
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Simple economics isn't mental gymnastics, it's facts, unless you are a mental quadriplegic like yourself I suppose.
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 3 years ago
PS4 pre-ordered for release day simply because I have other gaming friends looking at picking it up on release day. Whilst I have fellow Xbox gamers, they're not online as regular as my PS3 friends. That and the opening bout between the two consoles made me put my name down for the PS4. The Xbox One is certainly attractive (now) and I will eventually pick one up, but it may be a few years down the line.
Luvly Jubly's avatar
Luvly Jubly 3 years ago
@PrometheusFan you do realise the ps3 was about £450 when it came out? And the fact that Sky have a partnership with microsoft so more than likely UK will be able to use the TV features? I never post on here but your idiocy is just so great I felt that I had to.
beeje13's avatar
beeje13 3 years ago
Getting a PS4 with FIFA 14 and watch dogs.With Driveclub and Resogun free with PS+ i'll have more than enough for a while. I'll probs pick up one more at Christmas (Most likely BF4 or KZ:SF). I plan on getting an Xbox One as it will be best in the long run to have both consoles (if possible, of course), but no way is Microsoft getting my money on a new unit that is price inflated due to Kinect, I'll pick up a used One sometime next year (I love anything Roman so I'm interested in Ryse). Theres then Destiny, Infamous and Titanfall for the second half of next year too! just pure quality gaming for us all! 2nd half 2014 is when The Division is released, alongside all the FIFA/CoD annual titles with a years next gen experience and polish.
Anonymous user's avatar
Robert 3 years ago
As one of a dying breed, someone who chooses to be a strictly offline-only gamer, my pre-order is down for a PS4. Mainly as a protest against Microsoft taking away my choice to remain totally offline (even after their switch flicking they still require a one-time connection under the guise of "registering the console". Hmmm). I just don't feel like i am their core audience any more. My spend (300+ new XBox360 games bought this gen) now goes to Sony next gen (unless they too make customer un-focused decisions down the line. Then its time for a whole new hobby....or maybe perhaps........a Wii-U). By the way, across both new platforms, where are all the next gen JRPGs that were so prevalent at the start of this gen? Not profitable enough i guess. TGS is coming soon. Lets see what that brings. Enough of my bleating. First world problems eh. Regards, Victor Meldrew PS. Watch Dogs on PS4 pre-ordered.
the suvv's avatar
the suvv 3 years ago
tbh im only shying away from the microsoft cause of how they treated loyal gamers and have tried to shoehorn in a skyplus box disgused as a microsoft product good for them if they have jumped backwards about the whole online all the time fiasco i allready have sky why do they feel the need to make a games console whos primary focus isnt games

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