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Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer gameplay footage released

Over six and a half minutes of the Playstation 4 exclusive, Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer gameplay has made it's way on to the internet, taken from the gamescom 2013 show floor.

You can preorder Killzone Shadow Fall today from ShopTo, releasing November 29th. 

Edited On 28 Aug, 2013

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JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
Looks pretty much like every generic shooter out there, also wheres the daily chat for today O_o
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 3 years ago
Looks considerably more impressive than any recent shooter I've seen Joe (Though considering the only real sci fi FPS out lately has been Aliens Colonial Marines that's not saying much maybe). The really impressive part though is that in actual gameplay it'll be running at 60fps. I'm very much looking forward to seeing it in action for myself.
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Meh, generic game is generic.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
I didn't say it didn't look good ;)
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 3 years ago
Not a huge fan of multiplayer FPS but I loved Killzone 2s one so I will be giving this a go.
Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 3 years ago
Looks very nice. A generic shooter it may be but I do enjoy having at least one of those games in my stockpile. It's just a toss up between this and Battlefield for launch date.

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