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OXM covers Saints Row the Third in style

OXM, otherwise known as The Official Xbox 360 Magazine, has gotten some exclusive coverage of Saints Row the Third, which it has decided to mark with four different magazine covers.

Obviously we are more interested in what’s inside the magazine, specifically its thoughts on the game itself. Thankfully, after plastering the game over four different covers and eight pages, it seems the magazine was impressed, marking it as “Can’t wait to play.”

According to the mag, “Saints Row The Third gives the Xbox 360’s most anarchic sandbox a facelift and it’s looking positively heavenly,” that’s not all though as it also goes on to describe the games Steelport as ” looking absolutely stunning,” going on to say “it’s clear the engine has far more capacity for the kind of carnage Saints Row freewheeling design encourages.”

You can pre-order Saints Row the Third here (Xbox 360) and here (PS3).

Edited On 13 Apr, 2011

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