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ShopTo: Hands on with Xbox One, Kinect and its future games

That's the word we would choose when summing up our experience at yesterday’s presentation and hands on session with the Xbox One, Kinect and upcoming titles.
Yes, yes, you're all thinking “you would say that”, but honestly, we don't only sell games, we play them too and get as excited as you do, about new generations and the games that come with them.
The new and (massively) improved Kinect, demonstrates (with the appropriate thought and developer tools) just how much is and also could be possible with the new sensor. It works over a much reduced distance, meaning those with smaller sized living rooms or bedrooms can now share the fun without wondering whether Kinect could see you well enough.We aren't going to throw numbers at you to say how much better the new is, over the old, as the old saying goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating,” or in this case, the playing.
What we have seen convinces us that the new sensor with its ability to calculate and measure such things as heart rate, muscle groupings, much more accurate movement and orientation of body and appendages, offers a fantastic opportunity to really integrate the sensor into gaming and other tasks (wait until you see and use it for fullscreen 1080p Skype calls) and instead of feeling forced, easily demonstrates that a lot of work and thought has gone into what the sensor can do and how that can improve our experience rather than being "tacked on".We predict that, with Microsoft’s self publish platform, as well as the traditional publishers making more appropriate and "intelligent" uses of the sensor, we just might be blown away with what’s around the corner (indie developers have wonderful imaginations).
We were also treated to a look at the freeform, design and built it yourself, gaming platform that is Project Spark. If you've ever said to yourself, “I could do better than this” (after shelling out £40 for a title that failed to meet your expectations) then here's your chance. Some constructive feedback was passed to the developers (we don't want people being frightened away by a huge raft of options)  and that was taken on board. Project Spark looks like a fun way to make your own games and you never know where that might lead.
Free to play, yes we know its everyone’s favourite price. All you lucky Xbox Live subscribers will have just that in the form of World of Tanks, the title that will be available soon for Xbox 360. It has to be said that World of Tanks is both simple and instantly accessible, having you drive your tank into battle, fire off a few rounds and have some fun, or carefully pour over the strengths and weaknesses of the options (sounds a bit Top Trumps for a moment) and strategise how best to take out the enemy bases - slow and stealthy, using the art of surprise or with all out attack using speed and force of numbers? You decide.

Forza 5, a title that needs little introduction, but for those that don't know Forza is a simulation orientated driving game, encompassing some stunning graphics, lighting effects and some very close up and accurate looks at cars which most of us can sadly only dream about (When did Microsoft say they were delivering our McLaren by the way ?) and a physics engine that really takes you right into the cockpit of some stunning four wheeled masterpieces. We are assured that, similar to previous iterations, car packs and just as importantly, new track packs, will be released down the line, adding to the variety on offer.

Despite only having a quick hands on, we could immediately tell that the new "haptic feedback" motors in the new (and in some ways more subtle) improved controller, really adds to the immersion, during breaking and expresses to you, how the car reacts, dependent on whether various driver aids are on or off. As you would expect, Forza is an extremely polished and comprehensive title and for some, is worth the price of Xbox One admission all on its own.
As it was on display, we also helped ourselves to a quick game of Fifa. In our match, Twitter support beat IT tech support One to Nil after the less than convincing excuse of, "I usually play with a different controller." Those that love Fifa will doubtless already know that the legends mode is exclusive to Xbox consoles. We did enquire as to whether there is a special animation for Gary Lineker stubbing his big toe, we await official confirmation on that one.
For the beat 'em up fans Killer Instinct and Ryse were also on display (and playable). Ryse looks like a very polished, slightly slower paced, than your average fighter, but it's always nice to have that variety as not everyone appreciates the turbo feel of many games since the Street  Fighter era.
Killer Instinct is the video game equivalent of welcoming back that old friend, or zany, larger than life guy from school (every class had one) with over the top effects, moves and characters we all expect and have fond memories of. We’re certainly looking forward to having that in our game’s collection.  
Dead Rising 3 was also on show and the stages seen ably demonstrate some of the extra processing power of the Xbox One over the old gen to a pretty startling degree. Included within this version is an absolutely massive number of zombies on screen, enormous explosions, great new weapon and vehicle combos and a real tongue in cheek style. With some great Capcom related easter eggs to find and a multitude of different game endings, the replayability value and different ways to achieve the objectives will definitely "up" the replayability factor.
All in all there are some great games to look forward to, some new IP and some old favourites. A new generation, new possibilities and all 'coming soon'.
We would like to thank Microsoft for the opportunity to see and go hands on with the Xbox One with Kinect and for their courtesy and hospitality across the event.

Words by Damion David.

Edited On 30 Aug, 2013

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Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
Sounds good, glad to see that the Kinect has some potential.
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 3 years ago
I am impressed by Xbox ONE and the Kinect device, but even though it is designed for small rooms I don't think it is designed for mine! It is way smaller than the norm and cramped. This and the fact that I am still busy with the 360 and PS3 will be the reason why I do not get Xbox ONE. I am surprised that this did not get a news article in that it has been said that Kinects Voice Commands will not be available in all regions at launch: http://uk.gamespot.com/news/xbox-one-voice-commands-not-available-in-all-regions-at-launch-6413828 The Regions NOT available are: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and New Zealand. UK is safe :) If you say "Xbox ONE apagado" in Spanish nothing will happening or it will say back "¿Qué?" or if you are in Australia and give it commands it will probably say back to "Shaddap you Face" ;)- a nod to the Australian 1980 song by Joe Dolce!
Hymeleon's avatar
Hymeleon 3 years ago
Nah, you would say that! =) No matter how advanced it is, it still lacks buttons, stills lags behind player movements and therefore have very limited use for gaming - same as old one. Xbots swallowed it first time and will do again. Good job M$. Good job ShopTo for a well payed article...

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