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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Review

With only a year since the original release on the PS3 console and a Vita version already out there, it seems Tecmo Koei are ready to issue the ultimate version of their fighting game Dead or Alive 5.

Having previously reviewed this fighting game, there is very little to say that has changed in terms of visuals and gameplay, it is still a fantastic looking game, pitting one vs. one or tag fights through various destructible stages across a decent selection of game modes including an arcade mode that allows you to fight through a series of contenders with one character and a story mode that continues from where Dead or Alive 4 left off, letting you play as the many characters of Dead or Alive in an intertwining plot that this time involves Helena rebuilding DOATEC but this time for more peaceful means and the continuing hunt for the Alpha-152 clone.

For the Ultimate version there are a few nice new additions to tempt over newcomers, including a more in depth training mode that will help you get to grips with the fighting mechanics, as even though there are only a couple of attack buttons, the real trick to the game and getting those important wins is through the counters.

For fans of the series there is the returning Team Battle mode, allowing for two teams of seven fighters to battle it out, as one character is defeated, the next will jump in in their place until all seven have been defeated. Add to that a few bug fixes over the last game and a more competitive online setup with the addition of tag fights and both newcomers and fans will lap up this new ultimate version.

There are also a few new characters to play as, with Momiji and Rachel coming over from the Ninja Gaiden series and another Virtua Fighter star, Jacky Bryant plus a couple of DOA classics, Ein and Leon. Just like all of the other characters of the game, they each have their own fighting techniques and will surely open up the online battles, offering even more variety to the fights.

An interesting addition to this release is the free to play Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Core Fighters, which is compatible online against owners of the full game. With this version you get just a handful of characters to play as but it has pretty much all of the modes apart from the story mode. If you are looking for more characters or the full story then you can purchase downloadable packs to extend your experience. A great idea to what is essentially a huge fully playable demo with online modes included.

Even at a year old, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate still looks and plays amazing and has had enough tweaks and new content to keep this game feeling very fresh. It’s a shame the story mode did not have any extra elements added but for the lower retail price you can’t really complain.

Words by Ash Buchanan.
(Version Tested: PS3)


+ Still looks fantastic
+ Very deep combo system
+ Plenty of training options
+ Budget price

Edited On 05 Sep, 2013

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juvan1le's avatar
juvan1le 3 years ago
Seems like Team Ninja have turned into Capcom, With DOA5, DOA5+,DOA5U and now DOA5U Arcade edition, NG3,NGRE Releasing the same game only after a year the original has been out, the thing i HATE about fighting games, there not getting my money
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 3 years ago
Its honestly getting to the stage that it's just not worth buying any AAA or Fighting title these days. Because in a few months a GOTY/Complete version will be re-released in a few months time.
Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 3 years ago
@Juvan1le Tecmo Koei just want to become the new Capcom.

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