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New PS Vita announced by Sony; hits Japan this October *update* video added

Update: A statement from Sony has been released to say "We've not made any announcement about whether the 2000 series & Vita TV will be releasing in the UK / Europe."

Orginal: Sony has announced a new PS Vita model, known as PS Vita 2000. The latest version of the system will be 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the existing model. In addition, the new Vita will include a LCD screen and not a OLED screen and therefore Sony says the battery should last one extra hour.

In addition the unit will now come with a built 1GB memory card for saves and will charge off a Micro USB port.

Sony will also release a 64GB memory card.

The new Vita 2000 is set to launch on October 10 and will cost ¥18980 (around $190).

No news on a European or US release date as yet.

Edited On 09 Sep, 2013

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svend rugaard's avatar
svend rugaard 3 years ago
Screenshots not working :S
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 3 years ago
Was to be expected once we saw it get reduced. But seriously Sony? Do you like...NOT want this console to survive? The release is TWO DAYS before the handheld juggernaut known as Pokemon comes out. Could have at least left it a week
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
They had a chance to switch their overpriced memory cards for SD cards, or at least add SD cards as an option, but messed it up again. Idiots.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
Yeah this is not going to help sell them it needs games not a smaller version.
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 3 years ago
LCD screen?!? Get that crap out of here! I'll be sticking with my eye meltingly beautiful OLED tah. " Yeah this is not going to help sell them it needs games not a smaller version" - They did actually announce a lot of new games for it alongside this new model for Japan.
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
It has some games I want but no way in hell am I paying £50 for a 32gb card
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
I suspect the screen downgrade is more to do with cutting costs than improving battery life now that they've been forced to cut the price on it.
Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 3 years ago
@Gloria Nope they didn't, since previous PS Vita owner would be able to use their PS vita Memory in PCH-2000 and also SD card would make Vita easier to hack. @PikaNox 64 GB should cost what 32 GB cost now

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