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Sony announces PS4 release of February 22 for Japan

Sony will release PS4 for Japan on February 22. Launching at the time will be a new limited edition pack including Knack, a PS4 and a one year extended guarantee.

This will be a limited edition day one pack and will be priced at the same level as the standard PS4.

Edited On 09 Sep, 2013

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Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
Massive shock and their reason behind it is because there just isn't enough games to warrant a release??? Where's all this so called 3rd party support? indie games etc? .. All along ... "It's a machine for the gamers" .. just not in their own country? well done Sony. It doesn't affect me one way or another but I feel sorry for a lot of gamers in Japan, they can't be happy at seeing this.
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 3 years ago
You do realise consoles arent big in Japan at the moment. They have only recently got the iphone over there and mobile gaming is what most people are doing in Japan. Also they have hardly any competition in Japan Xbox sells nothing over there while the Wii U isnt pulling up trees either. There is no real rush to launch it over there because there isnt that much demand at the moment.
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
Well they might not be "as" big but gaming on console/handheld etc is still pretty popular. The feedback coming out about this is truly something to read, like a lot of sites are saying, for the time being they have probably lost a 1,000,000 pre-orders and my point is, apart from Sony saying recently "It would be released in Japan this year" all along it's been about how much developer support they have, how many games are in the works, now all of a sudden, we will delay it until Febuary 2014 in our own country because it hasn't got the game support "yet" ? This is not a fanboy rant, I've been with both Sony and Microsoft since the start and will be again next gen but I have that "Here we go again" feeling coming, I remember all the promises Sony made in the past, PS2/3 and then went back on them. Anyway, off to work I go but I do feel sorry for our Japanese gaming friends.
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 3 years ago
It had to be delayed to 2014 somewhere.
Whitey's avatar
Whitey 3 years ago
I thought Japan was their biggest market to be honest, and being a Japanese company I would have thought it would have gotten priority.
Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 3 years ago
Japan is the market Sony is sure to win, while US is more a Xbox nation and EU is Playstation nation. Oldtimer where did they say Japan 2013?

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