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PS4 camera to support motion and in-game gesture control

Those buying the new PS Camera for their Shiny new PS4's will be pleased to know that it'll support motion control, with  giving users the ability to navigate menus with gesture commands as well as being able to use some in-game features which are unique to the camera.

The first game to support the PS Camera motion controls will be Knack, while it seems like some third party titles with Kinect features on Xbox One may also be useable on PS4, although we don't expect Sony's camera to be quite a technologically advanced.

Sony's camera also has other uses, for example, in the official description it says that the PlayStation Camera include two 1280×800px cameras which will allow for different modes of operation, depending on the target application. The two cameras can be used together for depth-sensing of objects in its field of vision, akin to the Xbox 360's Kinect peripheral or one of the cameras can be used for generating the video image, with the other used for motion tracking.

The PS4 camera launches alongside the console on November 29. You can pre-order below.

Edited On 19 Sep, 2013

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Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 3 years ago
Wish I could record Unboxings with that Camera
Ulquiorra_1's avatar
Ulquiorra_1 3 years ago
You can't speculate on whether it's more or less advanced than Kinect for Xbox One if you haven't had hands on with it.

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