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PS Camera will use Facial Recognition for logging in to PS4

Further details of the PS Camera for PS4 have come out of the Tokyo Game Show.

Speaking as part of a roundtable events, Masayasu Ito, SVP and Division President of Business Division 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment was discussing how the camera will use face recognition is for the purpose of logging in to the console. 

Beyond face recognition for log in, PS4 users with the camera will also be able to use voice "from the game page." 

"Game titles could be called in and then the game could start," Ito said, while also adding that in the future, the PS4's camera will go further. 

"That's as far as it goes, but continuous updates, it can go deeper. Make it with greater depth. With face recognition, we think about how that could be used in the context of the game," he said.

Sony is yet to show the PS Camera for PS4 in action.

Edited On 20 Sep, 2013

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Akemi no Zero's avatar
Akemi no Zero 3 years ago
Not an bad idea but nothing we aint seen be four but i just prefer to use my pad to log in unless im half asleep.
Whitey's avatar
Whitey 3 years ago
I'm not really into all this Kinect and PSE stuff. I know for a fact every time I want to use it for voice I will end up having to repeat myself about 5 times and start shouting. Also, face recognition is a it meh, it's like MS said Kinect can capture your facial expressions and emotions, if I had that on, Kinect would just think I'm a miserable b**tard and probably try telling me to play some happy games :)

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