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Just Dance 2014 Review

When Just Dance 2014 for Wii U landed on my doorstep I knew there was only one person in my household who’d be happy to help review the game - my seven year old daughter. She loves dancing, so once the weekend came I popped the disc into the tray and observed as she copied the moves, mimicked by her four year old brother.

In terms of the main theme, Just Dance 2014 hasn’t changed too much from previous years as far as I can tell. There is a huge amount of popular tracks to dance too, over 40 in all, which includes music from Lady Gaga and Robin Thicke to George Michael and Katie Perry. The basic premise is the same too, a dancer appears on screen and you do your very best to copy their every move. It’s not always easy but from what I could see, my daughter was having a whole load of fun trying.

This year’s key features include various modes such as World Dance Floor, which has players join a ‘Virtual Crew’ and compete online against others based on themes such as Boys vs Girls or Crew vs Crew. In this mode you are also able to check your status on leaderboards, check out stats of other online players and more.

Other modes within the game include On Stage Mode, which sees one player dance, lead by two backup dancers. If you like, you can even sing in this mode or just mess around. Either way you’ll be able to rack up a good score for your performance, be it based on singing or dancing. Other options include Sweat Mode, which is improved to allow you to track calories, the time you’ve spend dancing and see the number of songs you’ve performed to across all game modes. Using the Wii U gamepad in conjunction with Party Master mode, you’ll also be able to pick dance moves and pick new songs. Elsewhere other improvements include the option of karaoke, an improved shop and the ability to view other performances via Just Dance TV.

As you can see, Just Dance 2014 certainly provides a pretty full on package, which should appeal to the type of gamer who is interested in this type of game.

But what did my daughter think?

Well, she love it. I sat and watched as she danced for around 4 hours, outpacing her young brother who lasted about an hour before getting bored and finding something else to distract his attention. Meanwhile my daughter worked her way through a fair chunk of the tracks, mimicking the dance moves which seem to have grown in number since last year’s version.

What’s great about Just Dance is that the dance moves are so clear and easy to follow. Not at any point was she confused and unlike our test of the Kinect version last year, the WiiMote was always responsive, meaning there was no camera to go wrong and not recognise her. Obviously I’m reviewing the Wii U version, so if you generally experience issues with Kinect like our household does, then you may find this is still the case in this year’s version, although I’m unable to comment on that.

All I can tell you for sure is that my daughter loves Just Dance 2014 and I’d imagine her similarly minded friends will love it too. As a parent that would be justification enough for me to pay out for the game, since it combines exercise with our families love of computer games. Now if only other developers would take note, then maybe I can get my teenage boy to get up off his chair and give his thumbs a rest.

(Version Tested: Wii U)


+ Plenty of new game modes
+ Even more dance moves
+ Easy to follow


- Can get tricky for younger audience

Edited On 07 Oct, 2013

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