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Killzone Shadow Fall Scout Class detailed

The Guerrilla Games blog has detailed the Scout Class for its upcoming game, Killzone: Shadow Fall.

According to the post, the Scout is designed to work at extremes of distance – close-up and from a long way off – to catch enemies unaware. The Scouts also have a Cloaking ability, although you'll only be able to use a combat knife when using this feature.

Here's some further abilities which were listed:

Tactical Echo

The Tactical Echo ability lets Scout players send out a radar pulse that temporarily highlights all enemy troops and automata within range – even other Scouts using the Cloak ability. This information is then relayed to allied HUDs and radars.

Emergency Teleport

Based on the same technology that lets Spawn Beacons to teleport troops into battle, the Emergency Teleport ability allows Scout players to teleport to a random part of the map when they run into trouble. However, the teleportation device has a lengthy recharge time.

Stun Drone

The Stun Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that waits in an area until it
detects an enemy nearby. When attacking, it flies directly at the enemy and detonates an E-Pulse that temporarily blinds and stuns them.
Guerrilla said Scouts make great team players, especially when using the Tactical Echo skill to counter enemy Scouts.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will arrive at launch.

Edited On 08 Oct, 2013

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