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Latest Soul Sacrifice update will be its last

Sony has announced that the next update for Soul Sacrifice will be its last. 

The update will be available tomorrow and adds sixteen “challenging” quests at difficulty level 10 which will feature bosses from elsewhere in the game.

Sony announced at a pre-Tokyo Game Show event that Soul Sacrifice will be getting an expansion titled Soul Sacrifice Delta, adding new bosses and a new faction to the game. This game is due early next year in Japan, with a Western release still to be detailed.

Edited On 09 Oct, 2013

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Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 3 years ago
Guess that means no Toukiden Costume/boss and Phantasy Star Costume to the west?
RTLF's avatar
RTLF 3 years ago
Could still happen, maybe not, but on the plus side I've never known a game to have so much free dlc. Pretty sure I have them all and they haven't cost me a penny. Thats really something in this day and age... great game

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