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Surge Deluxe announced for PS Vita

Futurlab has announced Surge Deluxe for the PS Vita.

If you’ve not played the PS Mobile original then we're here to tell you that you'd have loved it. Surge is a simple, block-chaining and screen clearing game which unveils true difficulty as your skill improve. You simply use your fingers to clear the pressure bars in a specific order and sit back as you gather a huge score.

Now Futurlab has mixed things up, adding new features as follows:

New Combiner Block

"Our research has shown that Multiplier blocks are the most sought after for achieving big scores, but they rarely dropped in the right color or at the right time. We’ve removed the color requirement on the Multiplier block now and added a new Combiner block that allows players to create their own Multipliers. If you’re quick and careful enough you can create 5x, 6x, 7x and higher multipliers for use in strategic play!"

New Chain Linker Block

"The Chain Linker block allows you to connect different colored chains together. Simply connect a chain of blocks to the Chain Linker, and then connect to any other colored block to create a bridge between colors!

"The whole chain is converted to the same color so you can use as many of these blocks as you can find to create MASSIVE chains!"

Surge Deluxe 100% Color Blind Friendly

"I’m color blind and acutely aware of the frustration that comes from trying to discern and match colors in games like Surge. FuturLab received a whole host of requests for a color blind-friendly version of the game, and with Surge Deluxe we’ll deliver just that.

"Now each color is represented by a shape, and we’ve made sure that you only have to glance at two blocks to know whether they are a match or not. I’ll have to find another excuse for being beaten on the leaderboards…"

Scoring System Reworked

"When Surge was created, a score of around 4 million points was the highest FuturLab had achieved internally. When released to the public, the 10 million mark was broken within days.

"The posts on NeoGAF from players competing for the top spot changed from talk about tactics and maximizing scores, to discussing the restrictive scoring system. Their feedback was enormously helpful, and we’ve used it to improve gameplay. The scoring system in Surge Deluxe has been redesigned to reward better players, increase the score spread, and remove any grinding. So thanks NeoGAF, this one is for you!"

PSN Trophies and Leaderboards

It's hard to explain Surge in one post about the sequel, so if you want to know more then be sure to check out our review of the original game here.

Surge Deluxe is heading for release in 2014. We are looking forward to getting our fingers flexible all over again.

Edited On 11 Oct, 2013

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