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Weekend Chat: Where do you buy your Microsoft credit from?

There are many places to buy Microsoft credit, be it straight from the Xbox Live dashboard, via scratch cards which can be purchased through various retailers and through instant online purchases, the latter of which often allows you to save money.

So where do you buy your Microsoft credit from?

As you no doubt know, Xbox Live credit allows you to purchase games, avatars, dlc and more. Often people will purchase games direct from the dashboard via impulse buys, or perhaps pick up some credit on thier visit to the high street. So if you are one of these people let us know why you purchase in this way, is it convenience? If you buy from the high street or online, what retailers do you use?

Finally, did you know that you can buy instant Xbox credit from ShopTo? Purchasing in this way not only sees you saving money, but will also get you instant access to your credit via your ShopTo account. Sure it's not as fast as buying straight from Xbox Live, but it may save you enough to buy an extra piece of dlc or over the long term, an extra game.

So let us know, how do you purchase your Xbox Live Credit?

Edited On 12 Oct, 2013

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Howelly1994's avatar
Howelly1994 3 years ago
No other place than shopto is there?
bablos's avatar
bablos 3 years ago
I tend to go where I get the most value for money, and since the new cards had been released, ShopTo have certainly been the place to visit. £25 instant download codes were a delightful £20.84 until earlier today, and they've since jumped £3 in price, so I suspect I may have to look elsewhere until prices start to settle everywhere.
ToJo84's avatar
ToJo84 3 years ago
ill be honest i buy mine from ebay sellers there the cheapest online and they send your code instantly
Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 3 years ago
Question, if I buy say £200-£300 worth of codes, can I redeem them on to my Xbox 360 account on my xbox 360 and then spend the £200-£300 worth of credit on my xbox one Account to buy all my xbox one games digitally an on demand on the 22 of November?
Anonymous user's avatar
Joshua 3 years ago
@Danny Your credit will stay on your account until you spend it. You can spend it on Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. I have a fair bit myself and plan to get some games at launch.
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 3 years ago
Someone via Twitter apparently buys Credit from CDKeys. Just thought I'd add that to the conversation :)
Anonymous user's avatar
Richard 3 years ago
I was going to buy a big chunk from ShopTo for the Xbox One launch, but now prices have gone up significantly I'd rather visit Game and support the high street a bit.
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 3 years ago
What are GAME's prices like? From a personal point of view I'd never support them as they take advantage of people by ripping them off with over the top prices in store. To be there is no excuse for this. GAME's in-store prices should match those on its websites, other stores manage this so why can't GAME? It may have a new owner but it's not changed its policies. (Personal opinion and a way I've always felt, nothing to do with ShopTo).
Anonymous user's avatar
Richard 3 years ago
GAME's prices for actual games are often stupidly high. For Xbox/PSN credit though, they are reasonable, and you also get loyalty rewards back on top of the small discount. I don't mind supporting them where it makes sense to, and buying credit is pretty much all I will ever buy outside of hardware. I don't plan on buying discs at all from now on.
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 3 years ago
Fait enough. So what about everyone else? Where do you buy your credit from? Do you buy credit?
yoda soldier's avatar
yoda soldier 3 years ago
I just buy it from xbox live when ever i need anything, and if it is for a gift i go to any shop to pick some up.
kilz0r's avatar
kilz0r 3 years ago
I'd rather poke my own eyes out with a frozen dog turd than buy anything from GAME. Shopto all the way! =)
Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 3 years ago
Also will we be able to pre order and possibly pay for in advance future xbox one games on demand on the xbox one? Games like destiny and titan-fall? Coz if we can that would be really great!
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 3 years ago
Hey I would normally buy them rite here rite now but ive just seen how much the credits have gone up The 50 quid cars awesome value a couple of days ago but now ile b going back to one of the instant points websites as thety pure and simple give you much better value for money which is a shame as I much as I can from shopto but some of the price hikes on some of there pre orders have just meant ive had to go elsewhere
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 3 years ago
A few years ago I was getting them from play.com as they were selling 2100 points for £15, then here for £16-17-18, but before the change of points to money, was getting 4200 points from GAME for £33, but recently bought £25 card from here for £20.84, but if it stays at £23.84 then may just buy the stuff as and when straight from the dashboard. I also liked using the Xbox website, but that does not (yet) allow you to use your account balance, which is annoying. When they did points you could use your points on the website, but now it is credit card always.
wolverine66666's avatar
wolverine66666 3 years ago
either ebay or shopto
madeinwales's avatar
madeinwales 3 years ago
The big supermarkets got it going on with ShopTo comig in a close third. Microsoft and Game can blow me , Microsoft im looking at you :/
calzLUFC's avatar
calzLUFC 3 years ago
the easiest way to do it ....paypal linked to xbox account, sorry shopto but it's just too easy then using you on this occasion
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 3 years ago
Don't own an X-Box so wouldn't buy one. I do buy my Nintendo points from GAME however since I can use money off stuff with them. For some strange and Bizarre reason Shopto seem to be behind and not bother with the Nintendo ones. Dunno why.
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
Get mine from work.

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