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ShopTo: An Apology

Earlier today there was a small misunderstanding with a customer which resulted in his account being cancelled by ourselves, for this we would like to apologise.

Basically, while we were talking to a customer via direct message on twitter regarding the pricing on our PlayStation 4 pre-order bundles, the same customer was also talking to a friend regarding our policy. It was at this point the customer swore while mentioning 'shopto' in regards to our decision, however as our staff were talking to this customer at the same time, when our social feed showed the abuse (for social purposes we use tweetdeck to allows us to see anytime the shopto name is mentioned on twitter), the staff took it as being directly made to ShopTo. Further investigation into this matter shows us that the customer was not actually pointing abuse at us, but just talking to his friend, so in this case we have to deeply apologise for being in the wrong.

As a way to make this up to the customer we have offered to restore his account and provide his PS4 free of charge.

We hope that you understand that we thought this abuse was being aimed at us directly. We cannot tolerate our staff being abused and have to take a stance on this, but since this customer did not aim abuse at us directly we must admit that on this occasion we were in the wrong with regards to the decision to cancel his account.


Edited On 13 Oct, 2013

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Zombieflamingo 2 years ago
People make mistakes it happens sometimes, at least it was sorted.
juvan1le 2 years ago
Wait so he gets a free PS4 for being childish, because you didnt drop you price
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Maybe I should try this :) I jest, at least you did a good thing in the end
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
He wasn't being "childish". He asked a rep on Twitter if Shopto were going to reduce the bundle price like Amazon did for his preorder. They said no, and he vented a bit at a friend on Twitter about it, Shopto rep took this as being directed at them and closed the dude's account without giving him a chance to clarify. Shopto were in the wrong here, but good on them for trying to make good on their mistake like this. This story is gaining some real traction and it wouldn't have been good for Shopto to let it fester.
hallben 2 years ago
I can understand the mistake, and as always on-line it was blown out of proportion. The person in question was acting immaturely, big shock, but the response could be considered harsh. So you apologise. Makes sense. But can you clarify this last part, is he really getting a PS4 for free? Surely that's utterly the wrong message to send?
juvan1le 2 years ago
Childish because shopto wouldnt drop the price as a fuck you he was going to move all of his games to amazon, that imo is a childish reaction . things didnt go his way ok well im gonna say fuck you, and run to amazon over a £20 price drop
Drakos 2 years ago
I respect Shopto but clearing things up. I don't see why the guy had to vent because of it, all companies have different price points, you just go with your preference.
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
The guy can say what he likes to his mates really. He was most probably just pissing about with his mate, not intent on following through. It was a bad mistake from Shopto, but at least they've rectified it. Lucky guy getting a free PS4.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
I'm gonni go get all pissy with everyone on my Twitter and just casually mention Shopto, see if I get some free swag as well
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
The fact is that he was not speaking to us. We overreacted. He would have not gotten a PS4 for launch with his account cancelled, therefore we decided the free PS4 for the right thing to do. You can't please anyone. That's the last I'll say on the amtter. Seems you can't be right no matter what you do :(
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Don't know about everyone else but I'm just messing, couldn't care ether way tbh
forcefullpower 2 years ago
To be honest Joe you can't please everyone but you guys did something wrong and cancelled his account. The difference is getting a completed PS4 for free is way over the top. The rest of us don't go on twitter to says crappy shit about your company and we get nothing.
rachel 2 years ago
whaa? He gets a free PS4 for shouting his mouth off? If he had just continued with it, rather than mouthing off on a public space, the misunderstanding wouldn't have happened.
brianbbm 2 years ago
He may be getting a free PS4, but he has lost his day one PS4. So as a sorry they are giving him it free but he'll have to wait much longer for it. People upset about him getting a free console have no reason to be upset at all.
kitkatkita 2 years ago
@Joe. I understand where you are coming from, you guys were in the wrong and misunderstood (like most people do on the net) and have apologised which is the least that could've been done, so props for that. I am also one of the ones that feel a PS4 is over the top, a £50 worth of credit for shopto would've been better, but a £350 console is stretching it over a misunderstanding on a social media site. Oh well, it's your call. But if you can afford to throw a launch PS4 out, does that mean that someone won't be gettings theres, and also as you can afford to throw one of them away with ease, happen to be any PS4 game competitions? ;)
NathanW18 2 years ago
Hmm, lucky guy, I guess. Ranting about companies online may result in getting free products. I'll remember that for the future!
AMIE 2 years ago
Some idiotic comments in this thread, the internet is full of trolls. Shopto have said they made an error and have kindly given a ps4 as way of an apology as that's what they thought was the right thing to do. And in my eyes its on par with their all round service ive ever received which is the best ive ever come across on the internet. Good for you shopto I say. The comment from Fullforce just shows the level of stupidity people have to deal with...ridiculous
kilz0r 2 years ago
Reinstate his order and give him a free game as a goodwill gesture, but a free console? Really? Sure, on face value it looked a bit heavy handed on ShopTo's part, but this turd was gobbing off about taking his business elsewhere, just like every other turd that has been whining recently about GTAV not being posted early or not getting an email about the Killzone Mega Bundle. He said he was going to be giving ShopTo a 'fuck you' by moving his business to Amazon and he got one of his own in return. I would've made him suck it up. Whether it the tweet contained @shopto or not, the tweet was in the public domain so this Jive Turkey should be assuming that ShopTo may read it. The next time you want to spunk away £450 ShopTo, please bear me in mind. =)
teddy1590 2 years ago
I agree with forcefullpower. I understand this needed to be done to prevent a crapstorm of bad P.R, but it kind of smacks all of your loyal customers in the face. I, and I'm sure many others, spend a fortune on your site, recommend you to friends and have nothing but praise for both your deals and your service. I pre-ordered the PS4 from you as soon as it was available, and I upgraded to the mega-pack as soon as I was offered. When I heard you weren't going to be lowering the price of the bundle, it was a little annoying, but no big deal. I'm sure I'll probably receive my pre-order from you guys earlier than I would from amazon, and with less hassle, as DPD have been great in my experience and amazon couriers have been atrocious. I didn't take to twitter to make snarky comments about passive aggressive ways to get back at your company, I just chalked it up to being getting what I pay for, and paying £20 more means I get better service. But to find out someone who threw the toys out the pram at your refusal to match a £20 price drop, and then went to neogaf to bring gamers across the internet's wrath down upon you, is getting a PS4 for free just to placate the mob of angry gamers, does annoy me a little. Not enough to throw a hissy fit and never use your site again, as I've said I've had nothing but great service from you guys, so it would cutting off my nose to spite my face, but it is a tad annoying. It really is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Besides, come Nov 29th, I'll have my mega bundle, and probably won't remember this story, so all will be well.
James 2 years ago
Fair enough, he's not getting a PS4 for launch due to the Shopto rep buggering things up and taking comments made to the chaps friend as a direct attack on them. But he is getting a free PS4 though, which does bother me a little. Personally, £50 free credit would have been sufficient. A free console however, little bit over the top.
Helfire13 2 years ago
Nice to see a company that takes the interests of its staff as highly as those of its customers. Also refreshing to see a company who will admit that it made a mistake rectify the issue so quickly & make such a public apology.
AMIE 2 years ago
On the internet nobody likes to see others do well , win anything, get anything free or get something their not, it pathetic you should all move on and stop crying your worse than the original guy on twitter your all moaning about #IRONIC
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
People need to calm down. All he did was he asked if Shopto would be competing with the new Amazon prices for the PS4 Bundles, Shopto said that they can't compete with them cos of the loopholes Amazon take advantage of, he then said something to his friend but mentioned Shopto and that led to this
rachel 2 years ago
In the unedited post it sounded like it's still launch day, they are just providing it free. This is why people are so entitled, and think mouthing off gets you stuff.
teddy1590 2 years ago
Amie, I'm not angry or annoyed at someone getting something I'm not. If shopto announced they were gonna give away a PS4 to a random customer for free, and it wasn't me, I would be ok with that, and chalk it up to the luck of the draw. What is irritating with this situation is that the one person who decided to act a bit childish and take to twitter to throw the toys out of the pram and tell his friend he was going to move all his game pre-orders to amazon, and as a result cause a misunderstand with shopto staff, is getting his console for free, whereas everyone else who responded in a mature manner, i.e. shrugging it off, get nothing. It seems the higher the sense of entitlement, and therefore the more childish you act, gets you more from life. It's a little disconcerting.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
He only asked a question then he was talking to his friend and happened to swear, not tantrums took place
Coolsambob 2 years ago
I agree with a previous comment, it is just the superb level of customer service offered by ShopTo. I think the only mistake was posting about it, as now all sorts of people will try all sorts of things to get something for free, which is a shame.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
It shows that Shopto care about their customers, even if it is a bit Overkill
Glennb 2 years ago
lol so shop to make one customer extra happy and piss off everyone else! EPIC!
AMIE 2 years ago
Im afraid Teddy your missing the point he is not getting a free PS4 because he threw his toys out the pram hes getting a PS4 because they mis read his comments and unfairly cancelled his account. No matter what you think of the complainer shopto made a mistake and if a shopto way which is always top class they gave him a fee PS4. And as someone said it doesnt affect someone getting a console as shopto have removed their statement regarding orders placed after 6th August and are telling everyone on the phone that ALL orders will meet release day so chill out
fever84 2 years ago
Well played shopto :)
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
The console that he is getting is the console that he had Pre-ordered and he was getting for release, no one is getting kicked off the list
teddy1590 2 years ago
No Amie, I'm not missing the point. He tweeted about shopto to his friend, saying he was going to move all his game pre-orders over to amazon to get back at shopto, something he himself admitted was a childish and petty thing to do in his neogaf post. Everyone else just shrugged off shopto not lowering their price. Sure, he wasn't tweeting at shopto, but he mentioned them in the tweet, and it was public, so in a way he was slandering the company. It's like standing in the middle of a Morrisons and yelling to your friend loudly "Morrisons really have crap service lately, I'm going to buy all my groceries at Asda from now on, as an F you to Morrisons". You'd probably be asked to leave the store. Not given a trolley load of free stuff. I'm not sure if the comment about this affecting other people's PS4s was directed at myself or someone else, as that was never a concern I had. As for me chilling out, I am chilled out. As I said earlier, I'm still getting my mega bundle on Nov 29th, and probably won't even remember this story then. It seems you are getting more bent out of shape at people's reactions to this, than the people reacting. I get you want to defend shopto as they have great service, something I agree with. But surely you can understand why this reaction might have mildly irritated a few people. At the end of the day, I'll get my PS4 hassle free from shopto, and that's all I want.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Fine, Shopto should just give a free PS4 to everyone who commented on this thread
Glennb 2 years ago
A lot of people have saved a crap load of cash for the ps4 and some jerk gets rewarded for shooting off lol how is that even fair? 1 bet he is not a regular 2 if he get's it day one he's gonna whack it on Ebay not keep it 3 bet there's plenty more other people who deserve this more 4 he's probably a knob! 5 bet he don't come back here a shop after he gets the free be
teddy1590 2 years ago
@Glennb In regards to no 5, he's already said as much on the neogaf board....
Darren 2 years ago
I'm not sure why you are making this public. As you have made it public, Shopto sound extremely amateur and will damage your reputation. I think you need a decent marketing/pr department. I've not been that impressed with the company lately.
robpears 2 years ago
Quite pathetic really, appalling customer service on your part initially. Childish reaction from him, if he doesn't like it no-one is forcing him to purchase it from you so be it. For you to provide someone with a free console is complete overkill and it is purely in an attempt to save face because of a stupid decision made by a member of staff. Completely unfair to publicize to everyone that you're providing someone with a free console because he threw his toys out of the pram. I really do question the way in which you do business. Would you also care to provide us the paying customers with the reason why you won't be matching the price of amazon? Or perhaps offer us a deal where we could purchase a retail PS4 game for £20 less than RRP.
SuperFreak 2 years ago
If the matter was dealt through DM, it should have stayed that way. There was no nRed to make this incident public. It actually seems like a farce. In regards to a free console because of a misunderstanding, that's your prerogative but I think you are being overzealous.
THOMAS 2 years ago
Perhaps issues shouldn't be dealt with through social media and/or publicly. There's already a contact centre function on Shopto for issues (as well as a phone number at the bottom of the page) so it could have been easily avoided. Fair play to Shopto for admitting fault but I do agree with others that a free next gen console seems a bit of an overcompensation. Surely a free PS4 game or a decent amount credited to their account would have sufficed?
robioto 2 years ago
Another example of how twitter is absolute crap as a communication tool. All it seems to do is bring up trouble and controversy in amongst the inane crap which is posted on it everyday. Still, it's good to see Shopto act quickly and correct their error.
Glennb 2 years ago
The more I think about this the more this pisses me off, asked for about 2 weeks for a refund for my ps4 was having a few cash flow issues in the end had to order a bunch of crap on here and sell it at a loss on ebay. Just shows they could of refunded me as they giving away a free ps4. Spent loads on this site on games. Delated all preorders might as well delate my account to shopto will not be back!
Jon Boy 2 years ago
The thing is a lot of you on here are pissed because someone is getting a FREE PS4. The way i see it is if an argument occurs and bad things are said and someone knows they're at fault then a hand shake is always the best thing to do, and shopto offered the hand shake. Well done shopto, and good luck to the guy with the free PS4 ;)
Robichoico 2 years ago
But....wasn't he still sending abuse using twitter about Shopto? Just because it wasn't directly at shopto doesn't mean much. Word of mouth is everything these days and while you've basically appeased the person spitting his dummy he's still managed to send word to his friend that Shopto won't do this/do that. Or in the other hand. It has shown him and his friends and just about everyone else that if you kick and scream enough you can get free stuff. While Shopto were in the wrong here for banning his account they coulda simply reput his account and gave him £50 off. Now there's people who have had legitimate problems in the past and had little or nothing done to resolve it. Which is what makes me all the more annoyed about all of this.
rachel 2 years ago
@JonBoy-3 You are misinterpreting stuff. No-one is pissed because of the free PS4, some people are annoyed at the reason. He was still insulting the staff of shopto, it was done in a public place where the staff could see, whether it was directly to them or not.
Gloria 2 years ago
Being a dick gets you a free console? Don't tell kevin, he'll be wanting one too.
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
These are the facts. - The guy was talking to shopto via DM - He swore mentioning us in a sentence to his friend - He apologised for whining via DM - We banned his account based on the initial mention of our name, even though it was not directed to us We made a mistake, the guy had his account closed. He was not talking to us directly, we can't punish people for having an opinion, which is essentially what we did. It would have been different if he was abusing us directly but he wasn't. End of story really. We made a mistake and for that we apologise.
rachel 2 years ago
actually I deleted my last comment, because I'm not sure it was him. There's a lot of people on NeoGAF and Reddit etc. passing around what happened and mentioning it.
Gloria 2 years ago
I hope we don't get invaded by NeoGAFfers, one kevin is all I can handle.
Kaysar 2 years ago
Seems fair to me, without knowing much of what went on. Alas, social media is becoming a big way of communication nowadays and it's going to cause wires to be crossed and misunderstandings to be had. If ShopTo closed someone's account in error, in response to something they thought incorrectly (regardless of the circumstances surrounding), it's only right some form of goodwill gesture is made. The simple re-instatement of the account would not have been enough, imho. I just hope all parties learn from the experience :)
Bindiana 2 years ago
Not sure how I feel about all of this. I agree with Shopto rectifying there mistake but a free console seems a bit much a free PS4 game would of seemed more then reasonable in this case.
dontasciime 2 years ago
NeoGAF refused me an account they can go **** themselves. Jealousy is rife itt Well done ShopTo for being the bigger man and rectifying your horrible mistake.
Jon Boy 2 years ago
@ Rachel, the point is he was talking to someone else about the matter, in my eyes that is not direct abuse at shopto, i and everyone else can go on twitter / any social media site and say to a friend, "blah blah game is a bit expensive on shopto, i think i'll buy from amazon, game, argos etc.." this will happen and is not direct at shopto. And yeah a free PS4 is a lot of money to be giving away to rectify a simple mistake, buy hey it's shopto's money and stock and they will do as they please. Anyway well done shopto for you sorting a mistake out between you the only other person it involved. i'd be telling everybody else to frick off with their comments. Last i'll say guys, everyone have a good en'.
Derek 2 years ago
Credit to shopto for dealing with this in an open and transparent way. To actually apologise to an individual in this way speaks volumes for them.
steg87 2 years ago
Closing his account was wrong yes but giving the guy a free ps4 just because he is missing out on his day one release date is way way over the top. im a loyal customer and would not jump onto twitter or facebook to say i'm taking my business to another company over a few quid but what do i get for being loyal? nothing really.
Pyroloveridge 2 years ago
Funny way to apologise, a sorry is normally enough maybe even a few quid of points. I got an abusive direct message from Shopto once in a similar sort of situation where i wasn't referencing or degrading the store but got threatened with account closure... Do i get a console? did I even get an apology?
Johno Muller 2 years ago
Oh, I know this one... was it a 'no' Pyro
Daz1967 2 years ago
“ I have to agree with others that compensating this person in some way for the error is the decent thing to do but to compensate them with a free PS4 console worth £349? Really? I'd have been extremely happy with a free game or two or a controller! I would have considered those generous!!! To be honest, I don't think should have disclosed what the compensation at was as it isn't relevant, only that this person was compensated. And all that for being immature enough to swear online as well... I wish I'd thought of doing it! :P ”
LEE 2 years ago
Come on Shopto at least knock a tenner off your mega bundle to match Asda's price of £439 , you can do it !!! :)
Jon Boy 2 years ago
They prob will reduce their prices once they get official wholesale prices from Sony.
Daz1967 2 years ago
Just why is a public apology needed anyway when it was a private matter between and their customer? As long as they apologised to them personally and this person was happy with the compensation then I don't see why it needed to be disclosed to everyone else. have made it easy for others to claim similar compensation if this kind of mistake happens in the future.
screaming chief 2 years ago
@Daz1967 I think the reason Shopto apologised publicly was because, what started out as a DM conversation, was made public by the customer, after his account was closed.I always thought that a DM conversation should remain private unless both parties agree to it being made public ?
Derrorek 2 years ago
I'm not happy about this at all. Giving him a free PS4 is over the top. There are those of us that have been loyal to your company for years. We have not moaned about anything. What do we get in return? Nothing.
Christopher 2 years ago
I'm reading this and sensing a whole load of jealousy in this thread... Get over it, shopto made a mistake and have chosen this way in which to apologise and appease a customer. Everyone saying it's over the top needs to chill out. You don't run the business and don't have a say in what they do to please customers. Without a doubt this site provides great prices, great service and a great experience. This is further proof that they put the customer first.
Johno Muller 2 years ago
I'm thinking the over the top-ness of this is because they don't want slip who was the one who made the mistake.
rachel 2 years ago
ha.the age-old classic "you're jealous" aka "omgzzz u jelly" etc.
Datastatic 2 years ago
I think this is what it looked like... .....nothing to see here.
Whitey 2 years ago
LOL. I think giving him the lower Amazon price would have been enough, but to get a £450 console free for a misunderstanding? Damn, I don't know if that's extremely generous or just stupid. Either way, he a lucky guy and should be writing a story praising the hell out of ShopTo.
Gloria 2 years ago
I'm just surprised the place hasn't been over run by NeoGAF trolls effing and blinding at everyone to try and get freebies.
ShoryukenToTheChin 2 years ago
Have to say Shopto went above and beyond to make this right, credit to them.
LoveFist 2 years ago
Hi ShopTo management! Reading about this I see the 'misunderstanding' started because this guy was asking if ShopTo are going to reduce the price of the PlayStation 4 mega bundle which I hope you can answer. Sony have said the RRP is £429.99 and have lowered their prices. The current price from you guys is £449.99 which is £20 above the RRP. Will you be adjusting the price?
Mostyn 2 years ago
BAD PR IS GOOD PR? Can remember one Company sending out live Birds through the post just to get some PR. Bloody the lengths Company's have go these days . Who cares about Twitter Facebook rants any way? Shopto you should try this PR monitor. Sorry That's the last time I shopping here. BYE!
IAN 2 years ago
Like the comment above your business practices are shoddy and frankly downright outrageous.You must get a whole slew of tweet to read citing your name and various expletives, I'm amazed you have any customers left the way you treat them. Here have some reward points...Oh no wait,hang on we made a mistake and you've got jack s**t. Read the rules, we owe you nothing,not even courtesy. Have a nice day!!!
greygrendon 2 years ago
I still love shopto!! See you on the 29th PS4!!!
TromaDogg 2 years ago
Hmm. On a different note, I'm still waiting for a near £160 refund on a faulty 3DS which I returned a month ago now and was told a payment had been made to my account. Looks like I going to have to get on the phone later.

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