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Halo 3 now available for free through Games with Gold

Halo 3 is now available for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers thanks to Microsoft’s Games with Gold scheme.

The game was announced as part of the promotion at the end of September, but it's available now, so just think of this story as a small reminder.

Microsoft's Games with Gold, gives Xbox LIVE Gold members access to two free games per month.

Edited On 16 Oct, 2013

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jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 3 years ago
Nothing special as usual , sorry but ps+ is far better in my opinion
jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 3 years ago
And i have an xbox not ps3 so in not being biased
DARKST4R's avatar
DARKST4R 3 years ago
yeah i agree with jay, in terms of what games they offer
iMerle iDixon's avatar
iMerle iDixon 3 years ago
OMG just in time my gold runs out tomorrow I'd better hurry...
Anonymous user's avatar
James 3 years ago
It's a bit of a joke, most people will already own Halo 3 if they have an Xbox 360. So they are not really giving you anything...
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
Glad i have psplus..
jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 3 years ago
yeah ive had a ps vita for 3 months now but never had a ps3, and the benefits of ps plus in those 3 months have been amazing, must have saved 200 quid and still have 9 months membership left. I have had an xbox for years and after using my vita I cant help but feel like microsoft have had me bent over violating me all this time. now im moving to ps4, bring on 29 November Christmas is coming early this year

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