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Microsoft: 80 million Xbox 360 consoles sold to retailers

Microsoft has today revealed that Xbox 360 has "reached 80 million consoles sold to retailers worldwide" according to its internal data.

Sony's PS3 is thought to be outperforming the Xbox 360 in overall sales per month and indeed, it even outsold the Xbox 360 in the US last month, although the Xbox 360 remains the top selling console in the US.

Last we hear back in January the PS3 had overtaken the Xbox 360 in worldwide sales, with the Xbox 360 at around 76 million to PS3's 77 million. If these trends continued, which seems to be the case, then this must mean that PS3 is currently around the 81 million mark.

Whatever the figures, both consoles still have a way to go before outselling consoles such as the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Nintendo’s DS, Game Boy/Game Boy Color, Wii, and Game Boy Advance.

Edited On 18 Oct, 2013

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