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FIFA 14 features detailed for next generation

Details have appeared on the internet regarding the new features of FIFA 14 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

First up, on next-gen consoles, EA has changed the way that players interact with the ball, therefore. through balls are hit with the outside of the foot, touches are cushioned when to close team-mates, and flat long passes are now possible. In addition the ball now spins more realistically, while there is a new level of realism and unpredictability to passing.

Other areas improved include heading, while the standard camera has been lowered to place more emphasis on the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, they now seem much more realistic, while the sidelines are now much busier, with players warming up and the dugout being more animated. When players score you can even see their celebration on the in stadium jumbo screen thanks to the new style replays which take in the whole atmosphere of the stadiums, from individual fan celebrations to players themselves.

Even the beginning of the matches have improved, with the action starting by showing the outside of the stadium before moving into the tunnel and out onto the pitch.

There are no cutscenes any more either, with all action on the pitch being in real-time, so it'll be no more waiting, except for the player running to get the ball.

We've already played FIFA 14 on PS4 briefly, you can read our thoughts here. You can also see our FIFA 14 review for current generation consoles here.

Edited On 23 Oct, 2013

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battfinkz's avatar
battfinkz 3 years ago
Maybe it wont freeze every 5 minutes either on next gen.... shocking how ea get away with appalling bugs every year

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