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Video: A quick look at the PS4 launch titles

Are you ready for PlayStation 4? If so then get yourself pumped with our quick look at the exclusive PS4 launch titles.

Just over a month to go!

Edited On 23 Oct, 2013

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Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
To be honest as I'm not getting a PS4 just yet the one game I think I would miss is War Thunder. I've been following news on this for a while and if it works like the developers are saying it will then I personally believe it will be something special. The rest shown don't really do anything for me but it would be unfair to judge them too much as I've only seen videos/read articles about them so I'll be interested to see what people are saying once they are released.
RexHound's avatar
RexHound 3 years ago
I didn't think Planetside 2 was going to be ready for launch?
lukas83's avatar
lukas83 3 years ago
With the delay of Watch Dogs & DriveClub I'm actually pretty disappointed in the launch line up. In fact I still at this point don't know what's happening with my ShopTo Watch Dogs/FIFA pre-order bundle that's been cancelled!!?
maca0716's avatar
maca0716 3 years ago
Planetside 2 will be lucky to make it this year, it is very behind schedule for the PS4.

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