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Rockstar announces new DLC details

Grand Theft Auto Online will receive its first add-on content update, the Beach Bum Pack, next month, it has announced today.

In addition there are also updates on the Stimulus Pack and more. Check out the details below.


We know many of you are anxiously waiting for us to show you the GTA$ Stimulus Package money we announced a couple weeks back. As mentioned in that post, we of course want to ensure that game progress loss issues are sufficiently sorted before distributing the GTA$ to everyone. We have a few more tweaks and fixes to make in a new title update that will hit sometime next week and then we will distribute the cash.


Coming in early November will be the first add-on content update, the Beach Bum Pack which will bring all-new beach themed vehicles and new weaponry that you’ll be able to use in both GTA Online and Story Mode. Plus new customization options for your GTA Online character including new tats, hairstyles and more. We’ll also be adding lots of brand new action-packed Jobs to play with Gang Attacks, Survivals, Last Team Standings, Parachutes, Deathmatches and Races that will have you bloodying up the waters and coastlines of the finest beach resorts across Los Santos and Blaine County.


We are also working to bring you the debut of the first part of the GTA Online Content Creator this fall – giving players the ability to craft, publish, rate and play custom-made Deathmatch and Race Jobs. We’ll be keeping our eye open for exceptional ones that we’ll be stamping as ‘Rockstar Verified’ and will be featuring them here at the Newswire and as part of forthcoming GTA Online Social Club Events. Both the Content Creator and the Beach Bum Pack are free.


Starting in November will be the first Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Event weekends which will bring special rewards and bonuses ranging from limited-edition in-game Event Crate Drops to in-game discount specials and even a special new GTA Online live-stream show hosted by Rockstar at the Social Club Events page and Rockstar Games Twitch page – plus prize pack giveaways of hard to find GTAV gear and more.

Edited On 25 Oct, 2013

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Im Going Space's avatar
Im Going Space 3 years ago
at least its bloody free! if people had to pay for a DLC (and the content creator which was shown as part of the game) people would be p*ssed. if they can't even simply give money on time what hope is there for anything else? i hate their non-committal "Sometime Next Week" crap. dates. set in stone.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
The only reason they have not given the money is that they want to make sure all the bugs are out of the way. Could you imagine getting it then having it disappear. They should not have said anything about it and just given it to people.
Whitey's avatar
Whitey 3 years ago
Damn Rockstar, release it on PC first!
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 3 years ago
Awesome news show me the money!!!! Itsa shame really as the online part of the game was so hyped and its just had so many problems and all the w@nkers who r lucky enough to actually get on there spoilning it for everyone one else as well, still all round an awesome game but isnt it written in legend somewhere that every rock star game glitches at the wrst possible point mine done it last nite and as a result I lost my rank up and my car was destroyed hmmmm I wonder if I will get that lot back

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