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Batman: Arkham Origins takes top spot on the UK Charts

Batman: Arkham Origins has bataranged it's way on to the top of the UK Video Games charts this week after a successful launch on Friday. Albeit with roughly half the launch weekend sales of the previous title in the series, Batman Arkham City. 

The first Batman Arkham game not developed by UK studio, Rocksteady sold roughly the same as 2009's title, Batman Arkham Asylum. 

GTA V hung on to second this week, ahead of FIFA 14 in third with Skylanders Swap Force managing fourth. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y took up the fifth and sixth slots, while Minecraft was seventh.

Edited On 28 Oct, 2013

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Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Where's the full chart listing, I want to see how Deus Ex did.
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 3 years ago
good story but i dont think it deservered no 1 spot gameplay was not as good as the others and its full of frame rate slown down all the time
ZdravkoN's avatar
ZdravkoN 3 years ago
I played Arkham Origins at a friend's house this weekend (Xbox 360). I liked it a lot. The combat is a little bit different. It feels like there is more weight to the characters (I am still annoyed with the hits you take when you are performing a ground takedown. This problem exists since Arkham Asylum). The story was also awesome (had to speedrun through it, I wasn't at home :) ). @KRATOS 20: Which version have you played mate? I didn't notice slowdowns on 360. I am definitely buying this when GOTY is released (or complete edition).
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 3 years ago
on ps3 when out in the city often the game frame rate would slow down and stutter had to reset about 3 times on it and sometimes opening doors it would crash
Light Heavensword's avatar
Light Heavensword 3 years ago
You're right I constantly had framerate drops in game when in free roam, the story was probably the best out of all Arkham games then again it was pretty much the same as Arkham City. I'm surprised it got to number 1 on the charts, the Arkham games got very popular after Asylum and City.
HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
HappyNoodleBoy 3 years ago
If you're having framerate drops delete the day 1 patch you installed. I deleted it and havn't had any framerate problems since
DARKST4R's avatar
DARKST4R 3 years ago
hey everyone! just wanted to let everyone no that although batman arkham orgins is a good game. but is full of gliches, game freezes and save corrupting. i thought it was just me it has happened to, but its happened to alot of people as i googled the problems, but since its happened twice now with my game save courrpted first on my 10 hour play through then second on my 5 hour play through. i have now decided not to even finish it.....
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 3 years ago
Hey its not a bad game this but its not a great game like the previous , im sorry I just miss rocksteady they just done such an awesome job of the previous two its just so missing from origins
TromaDogg's avatar
TromaDogg 3 years ago
Good game, but it's only on top by default....has very little competition in terms of new releases at the moment, asides from Pokemon, and virtually nothing else on Xbox 360.

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