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Next generation Battlefield 4 footage hits the web

With the embargo for all things Battlefield 4 related lifting a few hours ago, outlets have been posting their own gameplay videos and impressions from the next generation versions of DICE's new shooter. 

Digital Foundry posted their in-depth article based on the technical features of the game:

Needless to say, there are some basic differences in image quality that need knocking on the head right away. Chief among them is the hot topic of internal resolution, where we determine that the Xbox One code is indeed running at 1280x720. If this is set in stone for release - as is likely - the Microsoft version is poised to give us the most aliasing of the two next-gen platforms by a noticeable degree, and is only a stone's throw from the sub-720p resolutions of current-gen releases. On the other hand, the PS4 version delivers a whopping 1600x900 resolution in all modes, giving it a 50 per cent lead in output pixels overall. As well as cutting down on jagged edges, this reduces the amount of pixel shimmer we see in motion on complex shaders or thin geometry, with distant power lines, scaffolding and other elements with sub-pixel elements creating unwanted flickering on Xbox One.

YouTube outlet JackFrags also posted numerous direct feed gameplay videos from both consoles. 

Here's some Playstation 4 multiplayer gameplay. (Best played in 1440p, meaning YouTube will play the original source quality)

And here's some footage from the Xbox One single player campaign.

You can preorder Battlefield 4 today from ShopTo. 

Edited On 29 Oct, 2013

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Anonymous user's avatar
dave 3 years ago
Looks awesome! even though it might be as good looking as the Pc version it still looks good! cant wait!
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
looks just like BF3 did on PC...

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