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GTA Online - Update 1.05 expected early next week, Stimulus Package delayed

Rockstar have announced that the Stimulus Package of $250,000 expected to hit GTA Online this week has been delayed to late next week in order for GTA Online Update 1.05 to release some time next week.

Here's the official word on the matter:

Currently, we expect the next title update (1.05) addressing player progress loss issues to be available sometime early next week. Following that, we hope to deliver everyone’s GTA$ Stimulus Package before the end of next week. A big thank you to GTA Online players worldwide for your continued patience and understanding and we will continue to keep you all updated.

Rockstar also outlined the contents of The Beach Bum Pack contents:

Coming in early November will be the first add-on content update, the Beach Bum Pack which will bring all-new beach themed vehicles and new weaponry that you’ll be able to use in both GTA Online and Story Mode. Plus new customization options for your GTA Online character including new tats, hairstyles and more. We’ll also be adding lots of brand new action-packed Jobs to play with Gang Attacks, Survivals, Last Team Standings, Parachutes, Deathmatches and Races that will have you bloodying up the waters and coastlines of the finest beach resorts across Los Santos and Blaine County.

Edited On 01 Nov, 2013

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Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
Next week is fine with me not decided what to buy with it yet though.

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