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New Call of Duty and Skylanders confirmed for 2014

Activision has confirmed that it will released a new Call of Duty and Skylanders title in 2014, which is perhaps a surprise to absolutely no-one.

CEO Bobby Kotick announced the titles during the publisher's Q3 2013 earnings call last night, saying "Despite short-term uncertainties, as we look forward to 2014, we have a very strong product pipeline. We expect multiple new releases across our major franchises, including the first Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, along with the PS4 version of Diablo III and significant and exciting new content for World of Warcraft.

"We also expect to launch new Call of Duty and Skylanders titles and a major new potential franchise with Bungie's Destiny."

What do you think of this news? No surprise really is it?

Edited On 07 Nov, 2013

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Im Going Space's avatar
Im Going Space 3 years ago
not really news. we know theres gonna be another copypaste COD every year until people stop buying it. i just hope that bungie are stricter (like they were with MS) and dont let activision get their grubby mits all over it.
The HEAD 85's avatar
The HEAD 85 3 years ago
Quite literally copy and paste based on the recent news about a scene copied from MW2.. I predict there will be a FPS next year, just a guess??
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 3 years ago
Next thing you will be telling us there is a new FIFA game coming out next year :P
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
New Fifa :O
lilmisschicken's avatar
lilmisschicken 3 years ago
Another new Call of duty next year didn't see that coming...not at all ;)
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Not like they've got much choice really, they flogged all their other cash cows to death.
The HEAD 85's avatar
The HEAD 85 3 years ago
Calling it now 'Call of Duty: Prehistoric Warfare'.. Battlefield have a running joke with the Dinosaurs, let the joke of a game have the Dinosaurs!
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
Omg Anthony he was being sarcastic and it's not confirmed to be a game it could still be DLC.
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
Call of Duty for 2014? why am I not surprised? End of the day though you play what you enjoy so if the demand is there then they will keep rolling them out. I'm sure there's enough MP/co-op games coming in 2014 other than COD to keep me busy.
Daddy, Daddy's Cool's avatar
Daddy, Daddy's Cool 3 years ago
Hopefully though, as Treyarch have had more time, they might make a real next gen COD. Not that i've played Ghosts next gen yet, just from what i've read and seen regards to rubbish textures, bad frame rates, lack of innovation etc.
Dan_1's avatar
Dan_1 3 years ago
People keep comparing COD with sports games with a yearly release. The thing is, I can see it going to way of PES. That used to be the best football game, hands down, but it didn't improve and they got sloppy. At the same time, FIFA innovated (the first to bring in 360 degree movement) and lots of people, myself included, switched. I still play COD every year, but I am getting tired with the formula and I'd happily switch to Battlefield, if only I could persuade my mates to do the same.
berian's avatar
berian 3 years ago
Gloria's theory about Anthony's Brain/Turnip transplant just seems more plausible everyday.

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