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ShopTo Users: Games of a Generation Top 10

We asked and you voted and now the results of the ShopTo users Games of a Generation are in.

Which games from the past 7/8 years on PS3/PC/Wii and Xbox 360 do you think are best? Why not have a guess at the top ten before watching the video below, either that or just sit back and enjoy your choice below.

Do you agree with this list? If not, what games would you have chosen for the top 10?

Either way, enjoy and congratulations to the winners.

Here's a list of games that just missed out of a place on the list:

- Journey
- Assassin’s Creed Series
- Tales of Series
- Lost Odyssey
- Zelda Skyward Sword
- Darksiders
- Dark Souls/Demon Souls
- Xenoblade Series
- Valkyria Chronicles

Edited On 11 Nov, 2013

( 29 )
BlackPanthaa 2 years ago
A nice list there, I enjoyed most of them too. But I would place GTA 5 in first due to the crazy online mode they have added to the series that they plan to support for years. I have currently put 9 days into the multiplayer and still having so much fun. Not many games dare take the risk of being mostly co-op based, but GTA Online did and it made it much, much better. With loads of free content coming soon I'm super hyped and it's the game of the generation to me. The Last of Us I did enjoy, but only the singleplayer. There was more value in the multiplayer of Uncharted that even went free to play about a year before TLoU's release. The MP jest felt slapped on when I was wanting some open world experience like I got with GTA Online. Working with friends, scavenging and all. Still a good game, but value wise GTA destroys it to me.
James26 2 years ago
I think the only game that's missing from this list is the Borderlands series. Other than that, I couldn't agree more! I think we've been spoilt with fantastic games this generation and I hope there's more to come when the next generation begins next Friday!
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Nope, not my kind of list
JoeToots 2 years ago
nice picture Nox.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Still can't change it
JoeToots 2 years ago
i wonder why it won't let us change the pictures i'm getting abit bored of mine. I want to get the COD logo to annoy gloria so she has to see it nearly everyday.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
No Journey is criminal, I can understand why there is no Dragon's Dogma, Souls or Witcher though since not a lot of people here have played them
Zombieflamingo 2 years ago
Really do not understand why The last of us was number 1, its good but not that good.
JoeToots 2 years ago
ohh but it is.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Not played it so I can't judge but if it is anything like Uncharted it's a great game but not the best. (Waiting for a complete edition of The Last of Us)
Pyroloveridge 2 years ago
no Halo?
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Halo is good but nothing special, if I had to pick one for the list I would say Halo 4 since the campaign was great
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Personally I liked Mass Effect 1 but the 2nd one went more too Space Marine, not played 3 yet even though I have had it for over a year (Think that speaks about my enthusiasm for the series)
safeseller 2 years ago
Pretty darn good list! Alot of those would make my top 10. I would have had ME2 or (series as my top) and TLOU a close second. also SMG2 instead on 1 and disappointed there was no Portal 2 @Mah? Sh?jo Nox And you think many people have played Journey?
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Well it has won a bunch of GotY awards and it was the fastest selling game on PlayStation Store so I would say a lot of people have played it
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
It's not like I'm saying FTL should have been on the list
Whitey 2 years ago
If FTL made the list I would have just banned myself from the internet. I'm just surprised The Walking Dead didn't make it?
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Take it you got around to playing FTL?
iMerle iDixon 2 years ago
Not sure you should have put franchises on a game of a generation list IMO, it not a franchise/series of the generation list. That said it's a good list I'm surprised GTA is so low was expecting top 3. Also not rachet and clank WTF!!!
Whitey 2 years ago
No.. LOL
Light Heavensword 2 years ago
Nice list Naughty Dog takes it with The Last Of Us at number 1. It deserves it as it's one of the best games released and i have ever played . Naughty Dog's next project will be amazing, Merle yeah i agree Ratchet and Clank should have been nominated as TOD and ACIT were highly rated games. It's actually PlayStation 2's Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando/Locked and Loaded 10th Anniversary today. HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!!
Robichoico 2 years ago
ROFL. Dear god no. Most of those titles don't even deserve to be in the top 25. Any reason why you lumped some series together and not Mario, GTA or Fallout too? (and how did Mario Galaxy 2 not even get mentioned at all when its the 2nd highest rated title this gen) Nah. Swap that top 10 list with the runners up. Then you'll have a proper top 10 list.
Robichoico 2 years ago
Btw. Any chance of doing one for the handhelds? Didn't really understand why the DS and PSP weren't even allowed for nomination.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Yes do a handheld top 10. So much more good handheld games this gen
Liam 2 years ago
I know my taste is very different from the norm, but I only agree with the top 3, though not necessarily in those positions or that order. I would take all the rest out and put Assassins Creed, Lost Odyssey, The Walking Dead and maybe a few more JRPGS in.
Mezzer_1 2 years ago
As a gamer for over 30 years and been in and around the scene I agree with a lot of those games. Uncharted nailed cinematic games... the scripting and characters , design and voice work was top class... very solid and fun game also.. TLOU is a good shout for top spot.... but I would have MGS4 at number 2.... one of the best games of many years!... one of the few games I have beaten more than once.. (which is a big thing if you know me)... There were a couple in that list that I would replace but I thought its a good balanced mix of this gens games for there own personal reasons.
Robichoico 2 years ago
Looking at it. Only 3 of those games would even get in my top 10 list. Bioshock 1 deserves to be there. Certainly not the other two tho. Fallout New Vegas is on mine too. Fallout 3 just didn't work at all. (New Vegas wasn't much better in that aspect. But the world was absolutely fantastic.)
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
Thankfully it is not a Robichoco top ten but an overall top ten ;) i dont think Series should be grouped even if it meant ME, Infinite etc missed out.
shiny miller 2 years ago
Valkyria Chronicles is great, but I'm suprised enough people here have played it for it to get near the top 10!

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