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Video Unlimited detailed for PS4

New details of Video Unlimited on PS4 have been revealed, with the big difference on PS4 being the cloud of all things

"The Video Unlimited app is the way you access your library," Mike Avitabile, director of operations for video told Polygon. "It's cloud-based and exists on any networked Sony device."

In technical terms Sony is using Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (DASH) to stream videos to your PS4, meaning that whether you own them or are merely renting them, they will be stored on the cloud.

"We talked to our users and asked them what matters the most, and they said it's immediacy," he explained. "If you start to introduce the notion of download, it's a bigger file and people become frustrated, and it wouldn't be able to realize this technology."

What this means is that your content will be streamed immediately, rather than you having to wait to view, although Avitabile did add that, "You own this content. Whether or not you download this content, it's yours."

Video Unlimited is available on all Sony devices, including Smart TVs and cellphones. Paused movies can be picked up at the correct place on any connected gadget.

Sounds like a great improvement to us.

Edited On 12 Nov, 2013

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PixelPerfect's avatar
PixelPerfect 3 years ago
i would still like to have this local to my machine as an "option" as the cloud servers may go down from time to time

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