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PS4 videos show off User Interface

Some new videos have appeared on the internet, showing off the PlayStation 4 User Interfact and more.

Let's watch them shall we?

Edited On 13 Nov, 2013

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b3ddo3's avatar
b3ddo3 3 years ago
I understand that it has been edited and cut but overall I feel the UI does look like there's menu after menu, Sony seem to be going in a different direction than Microsoft who's looks like you can get to everything quickly (quicker if you feel like using Kinect). Used Xbox one dash but haven't used ps4 dash yet, so will reserve judgement until then.
Mouseo69's avatar
Mouseo69 3 years ago
I hate to say it but, watching this and *cough the Xbox One video it seems to be a basic upgrade from the versions of the Xbox 360/PS3...Namely I have both, and currently use the Xbox for watching videos and PS3 for playing games, which is probably partly because of their respective dashboards...which appears to be repeated here!! Sooo one for all media and one for gaming..hmmm...Glad I got both then..:)

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