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PS4 gets 'gaming' sizzle trailer

Sony has released a new sizzle trailer for PlayStation 4, showing off some of the games you can expect to play on the system.

It won't be long now before we all have PS4 in our possession, so these teases are really welcome, don't you think?

Anyway, check out the video below and get excited, if it's possible to get any more excited that is.

Edited On 18 Nov, 2013

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Jon Boy's avatar
Jon Boy 3 years ago
WOW! the graphics look out of this world, and it's even compressed via YouTube, so can't wait to see the real thing!
Dazzlerd47's avatar
Dazzlerd47 3 years ago
Stunning!!! Can't wait :)
Chazza's avatar
Chazza 3 years ago
Got a confirmation e-mail yesterday that my order was being processed ready for dispatch next week. Just an agonizing 11 days to go before I can finally start playing. :)
jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 3 years ago
yeah i got my confirmation too for my mega bundle , bit early so was very lucky i pre paid for everything, 10 long agonising days left
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston's avatar
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 3 years ago
Got my Mega Bundle email yesterday too. 10 days is going to seriously drag. At least I have 10 days off work to look forward to as well

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