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Xbox One LIVE store prices revealed

The prices for launch titles on the Xbox One have been revealed. We have no idea if this was already known or not, but it certainly wasn't to us.

Anyway, a user on AVForums posted up photographic proof of the prices, along with some pictures of his Xbox One, which is nice.

We have no idea how he got his Xbox One early (it looks like it's the Forza Bundle) but he's pretty lucky in any case.

So what are the prices of the digital launch titles then?

Xbox LIVE Store prices

Crimson dragon - £15.99
Ki ultra - £31.99 - single character 3.99
Power star golf - £15.99
Zoo tycoon - £49.99
Loco cycle - £15.99
Zumba fitness - unavailable - 24gb
Assassins creed IV - £54.99
Angry Bird: Star Wars - £35.19
Madden - £54.99
Just Dance - 39.99
Fighter Within - £49.99
Battlefield 4 - £54.99
Need for Speed - £54.99
Dead Rising 3 - £44.99 - Day one Premium edition (with DLC) - £64.99
EA NBA - £54.99
COD Ghosts - £54.99 (Listed as £9.99 if digital version bought already via Xbox 360)

So there we go. There doesn't seem to be much difference between Shop prices and Digital prices at the moment. Perhaps the most interesting part is that Powerstar Golf, Crimson Dragon and Loco Cycle are listed for £15.99. 

Do these seem like fair prices to you?

Thanks, George Neale.

Edited On 20 Nov, 2013

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Bliss IRL's avatar
Bliss IRL 3 years ago
Horrid pricing structure will not be buying digital PERIOD.
Bliss IRL's avatar
Bliss IRL 3 years ago
They would have to undercut retail big time and no glossy cover or disk to sell on rubbish. Even though they say you will be able to sell on via live i dont believe it for a second , too much revenue loss.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
Dead Rising is probably the most reasonable at £44.99 but who would pay that much more for just DLC. If the games will be the same price as in store or cheaper I will not mind but refuse to pay more.
Joey B's avatar
Joey B 3 years ago
This is what I was worried about. They want to focus on day one digital downloads, but their pricing is way off. The only game that is correct is Dead Rising. Who's going to pay £55 for Assassins Creed or Madden when it's cheaper to buy retail
squarewindow's avatar
squarewindow 3 years ago
Ideologically I am fully ready to embrace digital distribution and say goodbye to physical discs. But not at these prices. There is no excuse for a digital copy of a "full" game (which requires no manufacturing costs or retailer cuts) being £15-20 more expensive than a physical product. It's just pure greed, and I won't be subscribing to it. I was hoping they would really push digital distribution with the new breed of consoles through competitive pricing, but it simply won't take off if they're just going to rip us off. It's a huge opportunity missed I feel. £55 for something like Madden? Come on... get real.
battfinkz's avatar
battfinkz 3 years ago
Bloody daylight robbery right there. Stuff that. I paid a tenner less for bf4 on disk.
pboreham's avatar
pboreham 3 years ago
Who the hell is gonna pay £35 for Angry Birds Star Wars!!? LOL
Anonymous user's avatar
PAUL 3 years ago
Games are cheaper in shops it's madness
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 3 years ago
Crimson dragon is good, and Killer Instinct has a Combo Breaker pack for £15.99 which gets you all the characters but not all the extra costumes. The prices are OK, as long as they do regular sales like on Steam. If I did not have Angrry Birds Star Wars on PC I may have bought this version. I might even get Power Star Golf. If AC4 gets 75% off a daily deal and be £13.75 that would be sweet.
chaos prime's avatar
chaos prime 3 years ago
Honestly, i expected nothing less, digital should be priced £10 less than retail. At present its cheaper to buy retail, and ill never buy digital till these prices are fixed. that is the dumbest pricing i have ever seen. However i also understand from a business point they dont have a choice, or places like ShopTo GAME etc will lose masses of money to digital sales. So i guess its more for those that want convenience and are willing to pay more. Me ill just buy online or instore, its cheaper lol Crimson dragoon is priced fairly thankfully so ill be picking that up
suvz's avatar
suvz 3 years ago
In my view for digital to really take off so to speak games should be more aggressively price, where is the attraction (apart from instant delivery) when u can go shop and pick up cheaper ?
BizarreJelly's avatar
BizarreJelly 3 years ago
Lawd have mercy on us all the day they decide to go all digital, gaming will die. Rip off Britain.
berian's avatar
berian 3 years ago
@suvz - The instant delivery won't be an attraction for some people. Next Day delivery will be quicker than downloading up to 50gb for some people!
Carl_1's avatar
Carl_1 3 years ago
Surely this will be the last generation of physical games so in 5 years time we may not have a choice
skye's avatar
skye 3 years ago
Often there pricing structure is set to give retailers the best chance possible to make the sale. My friend is a manager at my local game and he told me a long time ago that the PSN prices were set higher than retailers for this reason, Sony and Microsoft are huge companies they understand that they need retail sales to survive. These prices are pure profit to the developers, publishers and to Microsoft, they can miss out on a few sales and rely solely on the people who want to have digital collections (Trust me they do exist). Cant explain the prices on the 'arcade' games though! I was interested in Powerstar Golf until I saw the price, maybe I've spent too long picking things up dirt cheap from Steam! Still I'm looking forward to Friday and playing Forza, DR3 and Ryse! 5 days off work to enjoy it properly!
beeje13's avatar
beeje13 3 years ago
Shopto have nothing to worry about then, it seems prices havn't really changed from what it's like now. Add to the fact its impossible to buy several games digitally (huge sizes) and physical will be around for another generation.
Taryn's avatar
Taryn 3 years ago
I love digital downloads. After such a huge physical xbox 360 collection the idea of digital media plays to me more. Not at these prices however.... I'll stick to discs.
Anonymous user's avatar
NICK 3 years ago
Why would people pay that or even download that amount of data? I paid £42 for BF4 from Amazon (sorry shopto they were over £5 cheaper when I ordered it), and I've paid £49 for Assassins Creed from shopto, the Ryse is bundled in with my Xbox One so I got that cheaper as well. I've also got 120mb VM broadband but I still wouldn't be happy downloading 30GB for a game, especially with their traffic management policy.
Danverz's avatar
Danverz 3 years ago
LOL These prices are outrageous! KI is the only one getting purchased and thats because that game is digital only.
Anonymous user's avatar
KARL 3 years ago
i cant wait to see what the ps4 prices will be like, they have already got need for speed priced at £59.99 0_o and thats just on the PS3 ! ... Crazy
Anonymous user's avatar
Elliot 3 years ago
£35 for angry birds............ Oh dear.
robioto's avatar
robioto 3 years ago
Disgraceful pricing. Another reason not to go near the Xbone. If they want people to go digital make them cheaper than physical copies. That goes for Sony and Nintendo as well.
Chazza's avatar
Chazza 3 years ago
Ridiculous prices! Gamers will never embrace the "digital future" Sony & Microsoft want while it's cheaper to buy physical copies of games. How publishers can justify those prices for digital downloads when they don't have all the overheads of a boxed copy is beyond me.

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