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Does Xbox understand Scottish?

Does Xbox Understand Scottish?

Yes it does and here's the proof.

Edited On 22 Nov, 2013

You mean Glaswegian Joe. I get told I sound Irish at times so the real question is that
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
I'm trying another point of contact here, I appreciate it isn't the correct one but im running out of options. My xbox one kinect is broken, I've been trying to call support all day but the line is engaged/unplugged, I've sent tweets (I've had the same default "contact support" direct message 5 times), I've opened a ticket but had no reply. I'm running out of options other than sending it all back (presumably at my cost as I can't get hold of anyone to discuss). I understand you're busy with both consoles being launched within a week of each other, but it would be sensible to prioritise customers who have paid for and recieved faulty goods.
jt5553 1 year ago
It is half 7 so just wait till the morning and talk to someone then
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
I've tried calling all today, the line has been dead everytime, until of course 6pm when the recored message comes on, which states that they are only open monday to friday.
jt5553 1 year ago
Always good to hear about new console problems though ;)
Gloria 1 year ago
Its nice that you can find joy in other people misery.
jt5553 1 year ago
You have no idea.
Gloria 1 year ago
Of course it will understand when you have to follow MS pre-determine scripts. Just try speak like a normal Glaswegian do, man! Aye!
square_nine 1 year ago
Well im waiting for all the bugs to be fixed and going to get one around july when the fixes are implemented.... just like with the 360 RROD..... they never fully fixed it till the slim....
bladefoxx 1 year ago
Know its not ideal jt5553, but the console (should) work without the Kinect. It may be the case that you only have to return the Kinect unit, not the whole console. At least you can keep playing until a replacement Kinect arrives if that is the case. In all honesty, I have only used the Kinect to scan in the day one achievement and Forza 5 code as there is not a lot else to use it for right now. But even at that, I could have done that on the pad, as a manual code was also included. Never had any issues with ShopTo, (that's why I recommended them to everyone at my work for their Xbox Ones and PS4's), so I'm sure they will sort this out for you.
RICHARD 1 year ago
Richard try your disk drive i just have and mine is DOA. Not used it as i got the forza pack and waiting for payday to get more games. Tried a DVD after seeing the reports and now waiting on shopto to reply to my ticket. I might just drive there as i live close by
Terry 1 year ago
Dragon Age Inquisition - PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
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