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Xbox One Unboxed

The Xbox One is here and while I've been testing if it understands my accent, Colin has been given the duty of unboxing it and capturing the moment on camera.

As you can see here, Colin is unboxing the Forza 5 Day One Edition.

Exciting Eh?

Edited On 22 Nov, 2013

My xbox one unboxing. Sony fan boys be like OMG WHY WOULD HE DO THAT :D Get it shared.
Ian 1 year ago
Nice watch, Colin
Kaysar 1 year ago
Very nice indeed
shoz 1 year ago
Did anyone else notice that the day one edition dlc for forza 5, dead rising 3, ryse and kinnect sports rivals was missing? Im really happy with mine, nfs rivals is amazing!
MrG 1 year ago
Final Verdict: The cat found it unimpressive
Artemisthemp 1 year ago
That was boring
Billy 1 year ago
Be nice if I had a delivery date for my rather than just back dated. Bit pointless having FIFA but no console.
LUKE 1 year ago
mortal kombat
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